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2021-10-01Navigation of a UAV Team for Collaborative Eavesdropping on Multiple Ground TransmittersHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2021-01-01A Fuzzy Word Similarity Measure for Selecting Top-k Similar Words in Query ExpansionLiu, Q; Huang, H; Xuan, J; Zhang, G; Gao, Y; Lu, J
2021-01-01Reasoning over entity-action-location graph for procedural text understandingHuang, H; Geng, X; Jian, P; Long, G; Jiang, D
2021TOAN: Target-Oriented Alignment Network for Fine-Grained Image Categorization with Few Labeled SamplesHuang, H; Zhang, J; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, C
2021Concept Representation by Learning Explicit and Implicit Concept CouplingsLu, W; Zhang, Y; Wang, S; Huang, H; Liu, Q; Luo, S
2021Domain-specific meta-embedding with latent semantic structuresLiu, Q; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Shen, T; Zhang, Z; Huang, H
2020-08-01Securing UAV Communication in the Presence of Stationary or Mobile Eavesdroppers via Online 3D Trajectory PlanningSavkin, AV; Huang, H; Ni, W
2020-06-16Comparison of chondrocytes in knee osteoarthritis and regulation by scaffold pore size and stiffness.Zhao, Y; You, Z; Xing, D; Li, JJ; Zhang, Q; Huang, H; Li, Z; Jiang, S; Wu, Z; Zhang, Y; Li, W; Zhang, L; Du, Y; Lin, J
2020-06-04A Method for Covert Video Surveillance of a Car or a Pedestrian by an Autonomous Aerial Drone via Trajectory PlanningHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2020-06-01RF-Mirror: Mitigating Mutual Coupling Interference in Two-Tag Array Labeled RFID SystemsWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Huang, H; Wang, R; Xiao, F
2020-02-15What Do the OMERACT Shoulder Core Set Candidate Instruments Measure? An Analysis Using the Refined International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health Linking Rules.Røe, Y; Buchbinder, R; Grotle, M; Whittle, S; Ramiro, S; Huang, H; Gagnier, J; Verhagen, A; Østensjø, S
2020-01-01Energy-efficient 3D navigation of a solar-powered UAV for secure communication in the presence of eavesdroppers and no-fly zonesHuang, H; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2020Low-Rank Pairwise Alignment Bilinear Network For Few-Shot Fine-Grained Image ClassificationHuang, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, J; Xu, J; Wu, Q
2019-09-01Ozone disinfection of chlorine-resistant bacteria in drinking waterDing, W; Jin, W; Cao, S; Zhou, X; Wang, C; Jiang, Q; Huang, H; Tu, R; Han, SF; Wang, Q
2019-07-01Compare more nuanced: Pairwise alignment bilinear network for few-shot fine-grained learningHuang, H; Zheng, J; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, J
2019-03-29RF-Focus: Computer Vision-assisted Region-of-interest RFID Tag Recognition and Localization in Multipath-prevalent EnvironmentsWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Wang, R; Huang, H
2019-03-01Synthesis of a Dipole Array with Optimally End-fire Directive PatternHuang, H; Liu, Y; Chen, L; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ
2019-01-24Fast and scalable distributed deep convolutional autoencoder for fMRI big data analyticsMakkie, M; Huang, H; Zhao, Y; Vasilakos, AV; Liu, T
2019-01-16Railway Infrastructure Defects Recognition using Fine-grained Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksHuang, H; Xu, J; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Kirsch, C
2019-01-14Inaugural issue perspectives on Information and Learning Sciences as an integral scholarly NexusReynolds, R; Chu, S; Ahn, J; Buckingham Shum, S; Hansen, P; Haythornthwaite, C; Huang, H; Meyers, EM; Rieh, SY