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1-Sep-2019Effects of prenatal cigarette smoke exposure on BDNF, PACAP, microglia and gliosis expression in the young male mouse brainstemMachaalani, R; Thawley, M; Huang, J; Chen, H
1-Jun-2019Electrically Small, Low-Profile, Highly Efficient, Huygens Dipole Rectennas for Wirelessly Powering Internet-of-Things DevicesLin, W; Ziolkowski, RW; Huang, J
1-May-2019HyperX: A Scalable Hypergraph FrameworkJiang, W; Qi, J; Yu, JX; Huang, J; Zhang, R
15-Apr-2019Control of flexible single-link manipulators having Duffing oscillator dynamicsChen, B; Huang, J; Ji, JC
1-Jan-2019Importance of soil property sampling location in slope stability assessmentYang, R; Huang, J; Griffiths, DV; Li, J; Sheng, D
1-May-2018Nitrogen removal enhancement using lactic acid fermentation products from food waste as external carbon sources: Performance and microbial communitiesTang, J; Wang, XC; Hu, Y; Pu, Y; Huang, J; Hao Ngo, H; Zeng, Y; Li, Y
1-Jan-2018A Ultra-Light High Gain Circularly-Polarized Antenna Array for Mobile Satellite TerminalsHuang, J; Lin, W; Guo, YJ
6-Nov-2017More is less: A more complicated network with less inference complexityDong, X; Huang, J; Yang, Y; Yan, S
1-Jun-2017Silica shell-assisted synthetic route for mono-disperse persistent nanophosphors with enhanced in vivo recharged near-infrared persistent luminescenceZou, R; Huang, J; Shi, J; Huang, L; Zhang, X; Wong, KL; Zhang, H; Jin, D; Wang, J; Su, Q
1-Mar-2017Efficiency improvement of vehicle active suspension based on multi-objective integrated optimizationSun, W; Li, Y; Huang, J; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2017A Low Profile, Ultra-Lightweight, High Efficient Circularly-Polarized Antenna Array for Ku Band Satellite ApplicationsHuang, J; Lin, W; Qiu, F; Jiang, C; Lei, D; Guo, YJ
1-Jan-2017A New Compact and High Gain Circularly-Polarized Slot Antenna Array for Ku-Band Mobile Satellite TV ReceptionHuang, J; Qiu, F; Lin, W; Tang, Z; Lei, D; Yao, M; Chu, QX; Guo, YJ
1-Oct-2015Whole-genome sequencing identifies EN1 as a determinant of bone density and fractureZheng, HF; Forgetta, V; Hsu, YH; Estrada, K; Rosello-Diez, A; Leo, PJ; Dahia, CL; Park-Min, KH; Tobias, JH; Kooperberg, C; Kleinman, A; Styrkarsdottir, U; Liu, CT; Uggla, C; Evans, DS; Nielson, CM; Walter, K; Pettersson-Kymmer, U; McCarthy, S; Eriksson, J; Kwan, T; Jhamai, M; Trajanoska, K; Memari, Y; Min, J; Huang, J; Danecek, P; Wilmot, B; Li, R; Chou, WC; Mokry, LE; Moayyeri, A; Claussnitzer, M; Cheng, CH; Cheung, W; Medina-Gómez, C; Ge, B; Chen, SH; Choi, K; Oei, L; Fraser, J; Kraaij, R; Hibbs, MA; Gregson, CL; Paquette, D; Hofman, A; Wibom, C; Tranah, GJ; Marshall, M; Gardiner, BB; Cremin, K; Auer, P; Hsu, L; Ring, S; Tung, JY; Thorleifsson, G; Enneman, AW; Van Schoor, NM; De Groot, LCPGM; Van Der Velde, N; Melin, B; Kemp, JP; Christiansen, C; Sayers, A; Zhou, Y; Calderari, S; Van Rooij, J; Carlson, C; Peters, U; Berlivet, S; Dostie, J; Uitterlinden, AG; Williams, SR; Farber, C; Grinberg, D; LaCroix, AZ; Haessler, J; Chasman, DI; Giulianini, F; Rose, LM; Ridker, PM; Eisman, JA; Nguyen, TV; Center, JR; Nogues, X; Garcia-Giralt, N; Launer, LL; Gudnason, V; Mellström, D; Vandenput, L; Amin, N; Van Duijn, CM; Karlsson, MK; Ljunggren, Ö; Svensson, O; Hallmans, G; Rousseau, F; Giroux, S; Bussière, J; Arp, PP
1-Jan-2013Initial perceptions of a touch-based tablet handwriting serious gameTan, CT; Huang, J; Pisan, Y
2013Regional development policy and economic leadership: an analysis of the scalar conundrumPugalis, L; Huang, J
14-May-2012Study on surface roughness and friction during hot rolling of stainless steel 301Wei, D; Jiang, Z; Huang, J; Zhang, A; Shi, X; Jiao, S
1-Sep-2010Deformation of Oxide Scale and Roll-Strip Interface Characteristics in Hot Rolling of Stainless Steel 304Wei, D; Huang, J; Zhang, A; Jiang, Z; Tieu, AK; Shi, X; Jiao, S; Chen, L
22-Apr-2010Experimental study on the deformation of oxide scale and friction during hot rolling of stainless steel 304LWei, D; Huang, J; Zhang, A; Jiang, Z; Tieu, AK; Wu, F; Shi, X; Jiao, S
18-Nov-2009Deformation of oxide scale and surface roughness transfer during hot rolling of stainless steel 304LWei, D; Huang, J; Zhang, A; Jiang, Z; Tieu, AK; Wu, F; Shi, X; Jiao, S
1-Jan-2003Fate and assessment of persistent organic pollutants in water and sediment from Minjiang River Estuary, Southeast ChinaZhang, ZL; Hong, HS; Zhou, JL; Huang, J; Yu, G