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2023-10-27Realistic prediction and engineering of high-Q modes to implement stable Fano resonances in acoustic devices.Kronowetter, F; Maeder, M; Chiang, YK; Huang, L; Schmid, JD; Oberst, S; Powell, DA; Marburg, S
2023-09-26Acoustofluidics for simultaneous droplet transport and centrifugation facilitating ultrasensitive biomarker detection.Qian, J; Lan, H; Huang, L; Zheng, S; Hu, X; Chen, M; Lee, JE-Y; Zhang, W
2023-05-01Global dynamics and control of malicious signal transmission in wireless sensor networksLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Zhang, L
2023-03-30Periodic orbit analysis for a delayed model of malicious signal transmission in wireless sensor networks with discontinuous controlLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Cai, Z
2023-02-01Complex dynamics and impulsive control of a chemostat model under the ratio threshold policyLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Zhang, Y
2023-01-25How do common conditions impact health-related quality of life for children? Providing guidance for validating pediatric preference-based measures.Xiong, X; Dalziel, K; Huang, L; Mulhern, B; Carvalho, N
2023Dynamics of a diffusion epidemic SIRI system in heterogeneous environment.Li, W; Zhang, Y; Ji, J; Huang, L
2022-12-01Global dynamics analysis of a water hyacinth fish ecological system under impulsive controlLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L
2022-09-01Identification of topic evolution: network analytics with piecewise linear representation and word embeddingHuang, L; Chen, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, C; Cao, X; Liu, J
2022-02-01A three-dimensional indirect boundary integral equation method for the scattering of seismic waves in a poroelastic layered half-spaceHuang, L; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Liang, J; Pei, Q
2022-02-01Maximizing the effectiveness of carbon emissions abatement in China across carbon communitiesHuang, L; Kelly, S; Shi, X; Lv, K; Lu, X; Giurco, D
2022-01-01IPANM: Incentive Public Auditing Scheme for Non-Manager Groups in CloudsHuang, L; Zhou, J; Zhang, G; Sun, J; Wei, T; Yu, S; Hu, S
2021-11-01Bi-layer network analytics: A methodology for characterizing emerging general-purpose technologiesZhang, Y; Wu, M; Miao, W; Huang, L; Lu, J
2021-11-01Dual-stream guided-learning via a priori optimization for person re-identificationWu, J; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Gao, Z; Zhao, J; Huang, L
2021-11-01Global dynamics of a controlled discontinuous diffusive SIR epidemic systemLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Guo, Z
2021-11-01Dynamic network analytics for recommending scientific collaboratorsHuang, L; Chen, X; Zhang, Y; Zhu, Y; Li, S; Ni, X
2021-08-01Compressive Performance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Encased Recycled Concrete with NanoparticlesGao, C; Huang, L; Yan, L; Kasal, B; Li, W; Jin, R; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Deng, P
2021-06PIH33 How Do Different Health Conditions IMPACT Dimensions of Pediatric Preference-Based Health-Related Quality of Life Measures?Xiong, X; Dalziel, K; Huang, L; Mulhern, B; Carvalho, N
2021-05-15Unknown hostile environment-oriented autonomous WSN deployment using a mobile robotFeng, S; Shi, H; Huang, L; Shen, S; Yu, S; Peng, H; Wu, C
2021-01-01Measuring interdisciplinary interactions using citation analysis and semantic analysisHuang, L; Ni, X; Chen, X; Zhang, Y