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2022-11-12The synergistic effect of lead-free quantum dots and SnO<inf>2</inf> in glass-ceramics for broadband white-emissionHuang, Q; Liao, J; Zhang, Q; Lai, N; Zhang, B; Wang, C; Yang, J; Yang, Y; Wang, J; Zhang, G; Wen, X; Wang, R
2022-01-01Attribute-Based Hierarchical Access Control With Extendable PolicyXiao, M; Li, H; Huang, Q; Yu, S; Susilo, W
2021-09-10A reusable, separation-free and biodegradable calcium alginate/g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> microsphere for sustainable photocatalytic wastewater treatmentHao, D; Huang, Q; Wei, W; Bai, X; Ni, BJ
2021-07Blockade of the co-inhibitory molecule PD-1 unleashes ILC2-dependent antitumor immunity in melanoma.Jacquelot, N; Seillet, C; Wang, M; Pizzolla, A; Liao, Y; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S; Grisaru-Tal, S; Louis, C; Huang, Q; Schreuder, J; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; de Graaf, CA; Thia, K; Macdonald, S; Camilleri, M; Luong, K; Zhang, S; Chopin, M; Molden-Hauer, T; Nutt, SL; Umansky, V; Ciric, B; Groom, JR; Foster, PS; Hansbro, PM; McKenzie, ANJ; Gray, DHD; Behren, A; Cebon, J; Vivier, E; Wicks, IP; Trapani, JA; Munitz, A; Davis, MJ; Shi, W; Neeson, PJ; Belz, GT
2021-03-15Ultralight biodegradable 3D-g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> aerogel for advanced oxidation water treatment driven by oxygen delivery channels and triphase interfacesHuang, Q; Wang, C; Hao, D; Wei, W; Wang, L; Ni, BJ
2021-01-01Exploring Inter-Channel Correlation for Diversity-preserved Knowledge DistillationLiu, L; Huang, Q; Lin, S; Xie, H; Wang, B; Chang, X; Liang, X
2020-07-01Heterogeneous Graph Attention Networks for Early Detection of Rumors on TwitterHuang, Q; Yu, J; Wu, J; Wang, B
2020-02Spatial Pyramid-Enhanced NetVLAD With Weighted Triplet Loss for Place Recognition.Yu, J; Zhu, C; Zhang, J; Huang, Q; Tao, D
2019-10-01Bi-Phase Evolutionary Searching for Biclusters in Gene Expression DataHuang, Q; Huang, X; Kong, Z; Li, X; Tao, D
2019-05-01A Review on the Development of Concentrated Solar Power and its Integration in Coal-Fired Power Plants<sup>∗</sup>Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhan, J; Chen, L; Huang, Q; Li, C
2019-02-01Optimized water consumption considering power plants efficiency in power system generationGanjkhani, M; Badakhshan, S; Azizivahed, A; Li, L; Chen, L; Huang, Q
2018-03-01Micro-hydromechanical deep drawing of metal cups with hydraulic pressure effectsLuo, L; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Wang, X; Zhou, C; Huang, Q
2017-09-01Reliability-Based Multiobjective Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Bridges Considering Corrosion EffectSajedi, S; Huang, Q; Gandomi, AH; Kiani, B
2017-04-01Effects of hydraulic pressure on wrinkling and earing in micro hydro deep drawing of SUS304 circular cupsLuo, L; Wei, D; Wang, X; Zhou, C; Huang, Q; Xu, J; Wu, D; Jiang, Z
2017-01-30Optimal adjustment of ACI formula for shrinkage of concrete containing pozzolansKiani, B; Sajedi, S; Gandomi, AH; Huang, Q; Liang, RY
2017-01-01Study of micro hydromechanical deep drawing of SUS304 circular cups by an ALE modelLuo, L; Wei, D; Jiang, Z; Zhou, C; Huang, Q; Huang, Z
2017-01-01Dependency exploitation: A unified CNN-RNN approach for visual emotion recognitionZhu, X; Li, L; Zhang, W; Rao, T; Xu, M; Huang, Q; Xu, D
2016-10-01Genetic programming for experimental big data mining: A case study on concrete creep formulationGandomi, AH; Sajedi, S; Kiani, B; Huang, Q
2016-01-01The role of oxide-scale microtexture on tribological behaviour in the nanoparticle lubrication of hot rollingYu, X; Jiang, Z; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Zhou, J; Zhou, C; Huang, Q
2015-08-25A Comparison of Texture Development in an Experimental and Industrial Tertiary Oxide Scale in a Hot Strip MillYu, X; Jiang, Z; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Zhou, J; Zhou, C; Huang, Q