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2024-04Dynamic semantic structure distillation for low-resolution fine-grained recognitionLiang, M; Huang, S; Liu, W
2023-12-223D Intra-articular Dense Reconstruction from Arthroscopic ImagesZhang, Y; Cheng, C; Falque, R; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Chen, Y
2023-12Enhancing methane production from anaerobic digestion of secondary sludge through lignosulfonate addition: Feasibility, mechanisms, and implications.Wang, Z; Li, X; Liu, H; Zhou, T; Li, J; Siddiqui, MA; Lin, CSK; Rafe Hatshan, M; Huang, S; Cairney, JM; Wang, Q
2023-10-18Single-cell transcriptomic analysis reveals a systemic immune dysregulation in COVID-19-associated pediatric encephalopathy.Wang, Y; Luu, LDW; Liu, S; Zhu, X; Huang, S; Li, F; Huang, X; Guo, L; Zhang, J; Ge, H; Sun, Y; Hui, Y; Qu, Y; Wang, H; Wang, X; Na, W; Zhou, J; Qu, D; Tai, J
2023-10-01Effect of humic substances on the anaerobic digestion of secondary sludge in wastewater treatment plants: a reviewWang, Z; Li, X; Siddiqui, MA; Liu, H; Zhou, T; Zheng, L; Huang, S; Gao, L; Lin, CSK; Wang, Q
2023-10-01CARE: Confidence-Rich Autonomous Robot Exploration Using Bayesian Kernel Inference and OptimizationXu, Y; Zheng, R; Zhang, S; Liu, M; Huang, S
2023-09-28The QUENDA-BOT: Autonomous Robot for Screw-Fixing Installation in Timber Building ConstructionKhoa Le, DD; Hu, G; Liu, D; Khonasty, R; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Shrestha, P; Belperio, R
2023-09-01Bioproduction and applications of short-chain fatty acids from secondary sludge anaerobic fermentation: A critical reviewWang, Z; Li, X; Liu, H; Zhou, T; Qin, Z; Mou, J; Sun, J; Huang, S; Chaves, AV; Gao, L; Wang, Q
2023-08-01Toward Consistent and Efficient Map-Based Visual-Inertial Localization: Theory Framework and Filter DesignZhang, Z; Song, Y; Huang, S; Xiong, R; Wang, Y
2023-08-01Structure-to-Shape Aortic 3-D Deformation Reconstruction for Endovascular InterventionsZhang, Y; Falque, R; Zhao, L; Chen, Y; Huang, S; Li, H
2023-08-01Multi-View Subspace Clustering by Joint Measuring of Consistency and DiversityHuang, S; Liu, Y; Tsang, IW; Xu, Z; Lv, J
2023-05-01Developing a multi-sample acoustofluidic device for high-throughput cell aggregationYang, R; Huang, S; Zhang, Y; Zhang, C; Qian, J; Lam, RHW; Lee, JEY; Wang, Z
2023-03-01Serum-integrated omics reveal the host response landscape for severe pediatric community-acquired pneumonia.Wang, Y; Huang, X; Li, F; Jia, X; Jia, N; Fu, J; Liu, S; Zhang, J; Ge, H; Huang, S; Hui, Y; Sun, C; Xiao, F; Cui, X; Luu, LDW; Qu, D; Li, J; Tai, J
2023-03-01Map-Based Visual-Inertial Localization: Consistency and ComplexityZhang, Z; Jiao, Y; Huang, S; Xiong, R; Wang, Y
2023-02-15Observability Analysis of Graph SLAM-Based Joint Calibration of Multiple Microphone Arrays and Sound Source LocalizationHe, Y; Wang, J; Su, D; Nakadai, K; Wu, J; Huang, S; Li, Y; Kong, H
2023-01-013D Reconstruction of Tibia and Fibula using One General Model and Two X-ray ImagesPan, K; Zhang, S; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Zhang, Y; Wang, H; Luo, Q
2023-01-01A Closed-Form Solution to Electromagnetic Sensor Based Intraoperative Limb Length Measurement in Total Hip ArthroplastyLi, T; Song, Y; Walker, P; Pan, K; van de Graaf, VA; Zhao, L; Huang, S
2023-01-01SLAM-Based Joint Calibration of Differential RSS Sensor Array and Source LocalizationFu, L; Qiao, X; Huang, S; Mao, G; Lin, Z; Li, Y; Kong, H
2023-01Complete region of interest reconstruction by fusing multiview deformable three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography images.Mao, Z; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Jin, T; Fan, Y; Lee, AP-W
2023Comparing the accuracy of an ultrasound height measurement device with a wooden measurement board among children aged 2-5 years in rural Lao People's Democratic Republic: A methods-comparison study.Huang, S; Conkle, J; Homer, CSE; Kounnavong, S; Phongluxa, K; Vogel, JP; Rahman, S