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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-01Facilitating machine learning model comparison and explanation through a radial visualisation<sup>†</sup>Zhou, J; Huang, W; Chen, F
2021-11-01Gaussian process latent variable model factorization for context-aware recommender systemsHuang, W; Xu, RYD
2021-10-01Quantitative identification of yellow rust in winter wheat with a new spectral index: Development and validation using simulated and experimental dataRen, Y; Huang, W; Ye, H; Zhou, X; Ma, H; Dong, Y; Shi, Y; Geng, Y; Huang, Y; Jiao, Q; Xie, Q
2021-08-02Joint retrieval of winter wheat leaf area index and canopy chlorophyll density using hyperspectral vegetation indicesXing, N; Huang, W; Ye, H; Ren, Y; Xie, Q
2021-08Wah Soon Chow, a teacher, a friend and a colleague.Zavafer, A; Losciale, P; Öquist, G; He, J; Evans, JR; Fitzpatrick, D; Oguchi, R; Fan, D; Osmond, CB; Zhang, M; Huang, W; McCaffery, S; Szabó, M
2021-07-27Remote sensing retrieval of winter wheat leaf area index and canopy chlorophyll density at different growth stagesXing, N; Huang, W; Ye, H; Dong, Y; Kong, W; Ren, Y; Xie, Q
2021-02-09Improving Laplace Mechanism of Differential Privacy by Personalized SamplingHuang, W; Zhou, S; Zhu, T; Liao, Y; Wu, C; Qiu, S
2021-02-08A Novel IoT Based Positioning and Shadowing System for Dementia Training.Hung, L-P; Huang, W; Shih, J-Y; Liu, C-L
2021-01-01Deep RGB-D Saliency Detection without DepthZhang, YF; Zheng, J; Jia, W; Huang, W; Li, L; Liu, N; Li, F; He, X
2021-01-01Investigation of land surface phenology detections in shrublands using multiple scale satellite dataPeng, D; Wang, Y; Xian, G; Huete, AR; Huang, W; Shen, M; Wang, F; Yu, L; Liu, L; Xie, Q; Liu, L; Zhang, X
2021-01-01Identifying Human Factors for Remote Guidance on Physical TasksLe, HC; Huang, W; Billinghurst, M; Yap, EH
2021A Survey of Facial Capture for Virtual RealityWen, L; Zhou, J; Huang, W; Chen, F
2020-12-31Usage and Effect of Eye Tracking in Remote GuidanceHuang, W; Xiao, C; Billinghurst, M
2020-12-29The State of the Art in Empirical User Evaluation of Graph VisualizationsBURCH, M; Huang, W; WAKEFIELD, M; PURCHASE, H; WEISKOPF, D; Hua, JIE
2020-12-01The combination of visual communication cues in mixed reality remote collaborationKim, S; Lee, G; Billinghurst, M; Huang, W
2020-11-01Performance evaluation of keyword extraction methods and visualization for student online commentsLiu, F; Huang, X; Huang, W; Duan, SX
2020-09-26Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplotsHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Miller, N; Arness, D; Huang, W; Simoff, S
2020-09-11Designing infographics/visual icons of social network by referencing to the design concept of ancient Oracle Bone charactersHuang, ML; Zhao, R; Hua, J; Nguyen, QV; Huang, W; Wang, J; Banissi, E
2020-09-11DGViewer: A Hybrid Approach towards Visualisation of Dynamic NetworksHuang, W; Goodwin, MJ; Huang, ML; Huang, X; Banissi, E
2020-09Effects of Individual Difference on User-Sketched Layouts of Vertex-Weighted GraphsLin, C-C; Huang, W; Liu, W-Y; Chen, C-Y