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2021-12Impact of drivers on real-driving fuel consumption and emissions performance.Huang, Y; Ng, ECY; Zhou, JL; Surawski, NC; Lu, X; Du, B; Forehead, H; Perez, P; Chan, EFC
2021-11Reducing vehicle fuel consumption and exhaust emissions from the application of a green-safety device under real driving.Ng, ECY; Huang, Y; Hong, G; Zhou, JL; Surawski, NC
2021-07-05See more than once: Kernel-sharing atrous convolution for semantic segmentationHuang, Y; Wang, Q; Jia, W; Lu, Y; Li, Y; He, X
2021-06-01Dual injection: An effective and efficient technology to use renewable fuels in spark ignition enginesHuang, Y; Surawski, NC; Zhuang, Y; Zhou, JL; Hong, G
2021-03-20A review of strategies for mitigating roadside air pollution in urban street canyons.Huang, Y; Lei, C; Liu, C-H; Perez, P; Forehead, H; Kong, S; Zhou, JL
2021-03-17Human motion intent description based on bumpless switching mechanism for rehabilitation robot.Huang, Y; Song, R; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Savkin, AV; Su, SW
2021-01-01Towards 6G wireless communication networks: vision, enabling technologies, and new paradigm shiftsYou, X; Wang, CX; Huang, J; Gao, X; Zhang, Z; Wang, M; Huang, Y; Zhang, C; Jiang, Y; Wang, J; Zhu, M; Sheng, B; Wang, D; Pan, Z; Zhu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Zhang, P; Tao, X; Li, S; Chen, Z; Ma, X; Chih-Lin, I; Han, S; Li, K; Pan, C; Zheng, Z; Hanzo, L; Shen, XS; Guo, YJ; Ding, Z; Haas, H; Tong, W; Zhu, P; Yang, G; Wang, J; Larsson, EG; Ngo, HQ; Hong, W; Wang, H; Hou, D; Chen, J; Chen, Z; Hao, Z; Li, GY; Tafazolli, R; Gao, Y; Poor, HV; Fettweis, GP; Liang, YC
2021-01-01Exploring Technology Evolution Pathways to Facilitate Technology Management: From a Technology Life Cycle PerspectiveHuang, Y; Zhu, F; Porter, AL; Zhang, Y; Zhu, D; Guo, Y
2021SSUR: An Approach to Optimizing Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Based on User Requirements for Cloud Data CenterHuang, Y; Xu, H; Gao, H; Ma, X; Hussain, W
2020-11-18Chemical and toxicological characterization of particulate emissions from diesel vehicles.Wang, B; Lau, Y-S; Huang, Y; Organ, B; Chuang, H-C; Ho, SSH; Qu, L; Lee, S-C; Ho, K-F
2020-11-12Tracking and Mining the COVID-19 Research LiteraturePorter, AL; Zhang, Y; Huang, Y; Wu, M
2020-11-01Elastic Resilience for Software-Defined Satellite Networking: Challenges, Solutions, and Open IssuesFeng, B; Cui, Z; Huang, Y; Zhou, H; Yu, S
2020-09-22Evaluation of wind resource potential using statistical analysis of probability density functions in New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee, A; Khlaifat, N; Zhou, J; Huang, Y
2020-09-01Uncertainty in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on air quality in Hong Kong, ChinaHuang, Y; Zhou, JL; Yu, Y; Mok, WC; Lee, CFC; Yam, YS
2020-08The EMT modulator SNAI1 contributes to AML pathogenesis via its interaction with LSD1.Carmichael, CL; Wang, J; Nguyen, T; Kolawole, O; Benyoucef, A; De Mazière, C; Milne, AR; Samuel, S; Gillinder, K; Hediyeh-Zadeh, S; Vo, ANQ; Huang, Y; Knezevic, K; McInnes, WRL; Shields, BJ; Mitchell, H; Ritchie, ME; Lammens, T; Lintermans, B; Van Vlierberghe, P; Wong, NC; Haigh, K; Thoms, JAI; Toulmin, E; Curtis, DJ; Oxley, EP; Dickins, RA; Beck, D; Perkins, A; McCormack, MP; Davis, MJ; Berx, G; Zuber, J; Pimanda, JE; Kile, BT; Goossens, S; Haigh, JJ
2020-05-27Efficiently Answering Span-Reachability Queries in Large Temporal GraphsWen, D; Huang, Y; Zhang, Y; Qin, L; Zhang, W; Lin, X
2020-05-10Simulation of engine faults and their impact on emissions and vehicle performance for a liquefied petroleum gas taxiOrgan, B; Huang, Y; Zhou, JL; Yam, YS; Mok, WC; Chan, EFC
2020-04-20Efficient Maximal Balanced Clique Enumeration in Signed NetworksChen, Z; Yuan, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Yang, J; Huang, Y; King, I; Liu, T-Y; Steen, MV
2020-04-01Large eddy simulation of vehicle emissions dispersion: Implications for on-road remote sensing measurementsHuang, Y; Ng, ECY; Surawski, NC; Yam, YS; Mok, WC; Liu, CH; Zhou, JL; Organ, B; Chan, EFC
2020-03-01Thorax disease classification with attention guided convolutional neural networkGuan, Q; Huang, Y; Zhong, Z; Zheng, Z; Zheng, L; Yang, Y