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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-26Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplotsHuang ML; Nguyen QV; Miller N; Arness D; Huang W; Simoff S
2020-09-11DGViewer: A Hybrid Approach towards Visualisation of Dynamic NetworksHuang W; Goodwin MJ; Huang ML; Huang X; Banissi E
2020-09-11Designing infographics/visual icons of social network by referencing to the design concept of ancient Oracle Bone charactersHuang ML; Zhao R; Hua J; Nguyen QV; Huang W; Wang J; Banissi E
2020-09Evaluation on interactive visualization data with scatterplotsNguyen QV; Miller N; Arness D; Huang W; Huang ML; Simoff S
2020-06-01Dynamic Graph Map AnimationHong SH; Eades P; Torkel M; Huang W; Cifuentes C
2020-06A Radial Visualisation for Model Comparison and Feature IdentificationZhou J; Huang W; Chen F
2020A Transformed Triangular Vegetation Index for Estimating Winter Wheat Leaf Area IndexXing N; Huang W; Xie Q; Shi Y; Ye H; Dong Y; Wu M; Sun G; Jiao Q
2019-11-17SceneCam: Using AR to improve multi-camera remote collaborationRasmussen TA; Huang W
2019-11-01Performance Improvement of Model Predictive Current Control of Fault-Tolerant Five-Phase Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Motor DriveHuang W; Hua W; Chen F; Qi J; Zhu J
2019-07-01Sens-e-motion: Capturing and visualising emotional status of computer users in real timeHuang W; Jayaraman PP; Morshed A; Blackburn S; Redpath C; Guerney T; Shahid AH; Mui R
2019-07-01Sharing emotion by displaying a partner near the gaze point in a telepresence systemKim S; Billinghurst M; Lee G; Norman M; Huang W; He J
2019-04-01The role of working memory capacity in graph reading performanceFletcher C; Huang W; Arness D; Nguyen QV; Maciejewski R; Seo J; Westermann R
2019-01-20Open-circuit Fault-tolerant Strategies for a Five-phase Flux-switching Permanent Magnet Motor Based on Model Predictive Torque Control MethodChen F; Hua W; Huang W; Zhu J; Tong M