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2023-01-01Green Energy: A Sustainable FutureMahmud, MAP; Farjana, SH; Lang, C; Huda, N
2022-04-04Waste battery disposal and recycling behavior: a study on the Australian perspective.Islam, MT; Huda, N; Baumber, A; Hossain, R; Sahajwalla, V
2021-09-20A global review of consumer behavior towards e-waste and implications for the circular economyIslam, MT; Huda, N; Baumber, A; Shumon, R; Zaman, A; Ali, F; Hossain, R; Sahajwalla, V
2021-04-20Multi-levels of photovoltaic waste management: A holistic frameworkMahmoudi, S; Huda, N; Behnia, M
2021-02Reverse logistics network design for waste solar photovoltaic panels: A case study of New South Wales councils in Australia.Islam, MT; Nizami, MSH; Mahmoudi, S; Huda, N
2021-01-01Critical assessment of renewable energy waste generation in OECD countries: Decommissioned PV panelsMahmoudi, S; Huda, N; Behnia, M
2020-07-01Environmental impacts and economic feasibility of end of life photovoltaic panels in Australia: A comprehensive assessmentMahmoudi, S; Huda, N; Behnia, M
2019-07-01End-of-life photovoltaic modules: A systematic quantitative literature reviewMahmoudi, S; Huda, N; Alavi, Z; Islam, MT; Behnia, M
2019-06-01Advanced power routing framework for optimal economic operation and control of solar photovoltaic-based islanded microgridMahmud, MAP; Hossain, MJ; Nizami, MSH; Rahman, MS; Farjana, SH; Huda, N; Lang, C
2017-12-10The use of threshold exams to change students' learning culture and provide assurance of learningWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Huda, N; Inglis, D; Tse, N; Town, G
2017-12-10Characterising the learning dispositions of first year engineering studentsGardner, AP; Goldfinch, T; Willey, K; Huda, N; Inglis, D; Tse, N; Town, G