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2024-04A food-energy-water-carbon nexus framework informs region-specific optimal strategies for agricultural sustainabilityHe, Q; De Li Liu,; Wang, B; Wang, Z; Cowie, A; Simmons, A; Xu, Z; Li, L; Shi, Y; Liu, K; Harrison, MT; Waters, C; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2024-02-01Can agronomic options alleviate the risk of compound drought-heat events during the wheat flowering period in southeastern Australia?Li, S; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Chen, C; Feng, P; Huang, M; Wang, X; Shi, L; Waters, C; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2023-12-30Environmental DNA analysis of airborne poaceae (grass) pollen reveals taxonomic diversity across seasons and climate zones.Van Haeften, S; Campbell, BC; Milic, A; Addison-Smith, E; Al Kouba, J; Huete, A; Beggs, PJ; Davies, JM
2023-11Structural complexity biases vegetation greenness measures.Zeng, Y; Hao, D; Park, T; Zhu, P; Huete, A; Myneni, R; Knyazikhin, Y; Qi, J; Nemani, RR; Li, F; Huang, J; Gao, Y; Li, B; Ji, F; Köhler, P; Frankenberg, C; Berry, JA; Chen, M
2023-09-01Modelling interactions between cowpea cover crops and residue retention in Australian dryland cropping systems under climate changeHe, Q; Liu, DL; Wang, B; Cowie, A; Simmons, A; Waters, C; Li, L; Feng, P; Li, Y; Voil, PD; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2023-09-01Surface Energy Dynamics and Canopy Structural Properties in Intact and Disturbed Forests in the Southern AmazonRangel Pinagé, E; Bell, DM; Longo, M; Silva, CA; Csillik, O; Huete, A
2023-06-30Probabilistic assessment of drought impacts on wheat yield in south-eastern AustraliaXiang, K; Wang, B; Liu, DL; Chen, C; Waters, C; Huete, A; Yu, Q
2023-06-01Asian tropical forests assimilating carbon under dry conditions: Water stress or light benefits?Yang, LY; Yu, R; Wu, J; Zhang, Y; Kosugi, Y; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Huete, A; Zhang, J; Liu, YH; Zhang, X; Liu, WJ; Zhao, JF; Zeng, J; Song, QH; Chen, YJ; Song, L; Tan, ZH; Osborne, B
2023-05-01Estimation of Rubber Yield Using Sentinel-2 Satellite DataBhumiphan, N; Nontapon, J; Kaewplang, S; Srihanu, N; Koedsin, W; Huete, A
2023-03-15Prediction of airborne pollen and sub-pollen particles for thunderstorm asthma outbreaks assessment.Nickovic, S; Petković, S; Ilić, L; Pejanović, G; Mijić, Z; Huete, A; Marks, G
2023-03-01An ecologically-constrained deep learning model for tropical leaf phenology monitoring using PlanetScope satellitesWang, J; Song, G; Liddell, M; Morellato, P; Lee, CKF; Yang, D; Alberton, B; Detto, M; Ma, X; Zhao, Y; Yeung, HCH; Zhang, H; Ng, M; Nelson, BW; Huete, A; Wu, J
2023-03Land surface phenology indicators retrieved across diverse ecosystems using a modified threshold algorithmXie, Q; Moore, CE; Cleverly, J; Hall, CC; Ding, Y; Ma, X; Leigh, A; Huete, A
2022-12-01A novel red-edge spectral index for retrieving the leaf chlorophyll contentZhang, H; Li, J; Liu, Q; Lin, S; Huete, A; Liu, L; Croft, H; Clevers, JGPW; Zeng, Y; Wang, X; Gu, C; Zhang, Z; Zhao, J; Dong, Y; Mumtaz, F; Yu, W
2022-12-01Short-time-series grassland mapping using Sentinel-2 imagery and deep learning-based architectureAbdollahi, A; Liu, Y; Pradhan, B; Huete, A; Dikshit, A; Nguyen Tran, N
2022-12-01Ecohydrological decoupling of water storage and vegetation attributed to China's large-scale ecological restoration programsCao, Y; Xie, Z; Woodgate, W; Ma, X; Cleverly, J; Pang, Y; Qin, F; Huete, A
2022-11The AusPollen partnership project: Allergenic airborne grass pollen seasonality and magnitude across temperate and subtropical eastern Australia, 2016-2020.Davies, JM; Smith, BA; Milic, A; Campbell, B; Van Haeften, S; Burton, P; Keaney, B; Lampugnani, ER; Vicendese, D; Medek, D; Huete, A; Erbas, B; Newbigin, E; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Beggs, PJ
2022-10-20Spatial based drought assessment: Where are we heading? A review on the current status and future.Dikshit, A; Pradhan, B; Huete, A; Park, H-J
2022-10-10Response of dryland vegetation under extreme wet events with satellite measures of greenness and fluorescence.Leng, S; Huete, A; Cleverly, J; Lu, X; Ma, X; Gao, S; Yu, Q
2022-10-01Evaluation of the performance of short-term curated daily airborne grass pollen forecasts in diverse biogeographical regions during the AusPollen Partnership project 2016–2020Emmerson, KM; Addison-Smith, E; Ebert, E; Milic, A; Vicendese, D; Lampugnani, ER; Erbas, B; Medek, DE; Huete, A; Beggs, P; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, E; Davies, JM
2022-10-01A new phenology-based method for mapping wheat and barley using time-series of Sentinel-2 imagesAshourloo, D; Nematollahi, H; Huete, A; Aghighi, H; Azadbakht, M; Shahrabi, HS; Goodarzdashti, S