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2023-03-01Investigating the Potential Utility of Environmental DNA to Provide a Relative Abundance Index for the Depleted Teleost, Mulloway, Argyrosomus japonicusRourke, ML; Broadhurst, MK; Fowler, AM; Wilkes Walburn, J; Hughes, JM; Fielder, DS; DiBattista, JD; Furlan, EM
2023-02-01Poor utility of environmental DNA for estimating the biomass of a threatened freshwater teleost; but clear direction for future candidate assessmentsRourke, ML; Walburn, JW; Broadhurst, MK; Fowler, AM; Hughes, JM; Fielder, DS; DiBattista, JD; Furlan, EM
2022-07-01Robust environmental DNA assay development and validation: A case study with two vulnerable Australian fishWilkes Walburn, J; Rourke, ML; Furlan, E; DiBattista, JD; Broadhurst, MK; Fowler, AM; Hughes, JM; Fielder, S
2022-03-01Integrating recreational fishing into harvest strategies: Linking data with objectivesFowler, AM; Ochwada-Doyle, FA; Dowling, NA; Folpp, H; Hughes, JM; Lowry, MB; Lyle, JM; Lynch, TP; Miles, NG; Chick, RC; Weltersbach, S
2022-03-01Movement patterns of an iconic recreational fish species, mulloway (Argyrosomus japonicus), revealed by cooperative citizen-science tagging programs in coastal eastern AustraliaHughes, JM; Meadows, NM; Stewart, J; Booth, DJ; Fowler, AM
2022-01-01Environmental DNA (eDNA) as a tool for assessing fish biomass: A review of approaches and future considerations for resource surveysRourke, ML; Fowler, AM; Hughes, JM; Broadhurst, MK; DiBattista, JD; Fielder, S; Wilkes Walburn, J; Furlan, EM
2021-12-01Community-based citizen science projects can support the distributional monitoring of fishesDiBattista, JD; West, KM; Hay, AC; Hughes, JM; Fowler, AM; McGrouther, MA
2020-05The influence of rainfall on recruitment success and commercial catch for the large sciaenid, Argyrosomus japonicus, in eastern Australia.Stewart, J; Hughes, JM; Stanley, C; Fowler, AM
2014-01-01Receptor for advanced glycation end products and its ligand high-mobility group box-1 mediate allergic airway sensitization and airway inflammationUllah, MA; Loh, Z; Gan, WJ; Zhang, V; Yang, H; Li, JH; Yamamoto, Y; Schmidt, AM; Armour, CL; Hughes, JM; Phipps, S; Sukkar, MB
2013-06-11Airway smooth muscle CXCR3 ligand production: Regulation by JAK-STAT1 and intracellular Ca<sup>2+</sup>Tan, X; Alrashdan, YA; Alkhouri, H; Oliver, BGG; Armour, CL; Hughes, JM
2013-01Inspiroscope : Understanding participant experienceHughes, JM; NA
2012-11-01RAGE: A new frontier in chronic airways diseaseSukkar, MB; Ullah, MA; Gan, WJ; Wark, PAB; Chung, KF; Hughes, JM; Armour, CL; Phipps, S
2012-08-01Spawning frequency in the eastern Australian river garfish, Hyporhamphus regularis ardelio (Hemiramphidae)Nuttall, AM; Stewart, J; Hughes, JM
2012-05-15Asthmatic airway smooth muscle CXCL10 production: Mitogen-activated protein kinase JNK involvementAlrashdan, YA; Alkhouri, H; Chen, E; Lalor, DJ; Poniris, M; Henness, S; Brightling, CE; Burgess, JK; Armour, CL; Ammit, AJ; Hughes, JM
2010Life-history traits of the southern hemisphere eastern red scorpionfish, Scorpaena cardinalis (Scorpaenidae: Scorpaeninae)Stewart, J; Hughes, JM
2009-08-01Dimethylfumarate inhibits NF-κB function at multiple levels to limit airway smooth muscle cell cytokine secretionSeidel, P; Merfort, I; Hughes, JM; Oliver, BGG; Tamm, M; Roth, M
2009-07-01CD40 and OX40 ligand are differentially regulated on asthmatic airway smooth muscleKrimmer, DI; Loseli, M; Hughes, JM; Oliver, BGG; Moir, LM; Hunt, NH; Black, JL; Burgess, JK
2009-03Biological and fishery characteristics of rubberlip morwong Nemadactylus douglasii (Hector, 1875) in eastern AustraliaStewart, J; Hughes, JM
2008-07-31Comparison of the life histories of three co-occurring wrasses (Teleostei: Labridae) in coastal waters of south-eastern AustraliaMorton, JK; Gladstone, W; Hughes, JM; Stewart, J
2008Growth and reproductive biology of tarwhine Rhabdosargus sarba (Sparidae) in eastern AustraliaHughes, JM; Stewart, J; Kendall, BW; Gray, CA