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19-Sep-2019Rethinking the ‘neoliberal thought collective’ thesisCahill, D; Humphrys, E
14-Jul-2019Heat Stress and On-Demand Work: The Experience of Food Delivery and Courier CyclistsGoodman, J; Humphrys, E; Newman, F; da Rimini, F; Thomas, L; Biloria, NM; pakdel, P
2019Construction Workers in a Climate Precarious WorldNewman, F; Humphrys, E
1-Aug-2018On ‘heroic fury’ and questions of method in Antonio GramsciHumphrys, E; Shalbak, I
1-Mar-2018From economic rationalism to global neoliberalism? Marking 25 years since Economic Rationalism in CanberraBarnes, T; Humphrys, E; Pusey, M
1-Mar-2018Simultaneously deepening corporatism and advancing neoliberalism: Australia under the AccordHumphrys, E
1-Jul-2017How Labour Made NeoliberalismHumphrys, E; Cahill, D
1-Jan-2015From global justice to occupy everywhereHumphrys, E
1-Nov-2014The primacy of politics: Stilwell, the accord and the critique of the stateHumphrys, E
12-Jun-2013Capital against capitalism: New research in marxist political economyHumphrys, E; Collerson, J
12-Jun-2013The birth of Australia: Non-capitalist social relations in a capitalist mode of production?Humphrys, E
1-Jun-2013Global Justice Organising in Australia: Crisis and Realignment after 9/11Humphrys, E
2012The Science Cannot Save UsTietze, T; Humphrys, E; Loewenstein, A; Sparrow, J
Jan-2009Thinking and theorising about activismHumphrys, E
Jan-2007'With their bodies on the line': activist space and sexuality in the Australian alter-globalisation movementHumphrys, E; Stead, DN; Prior, DJ