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20-Apr-2018How Do High School Students Create Knowledge About Improving and Changing Their School? A Student Voice Co-Inquiry Using Digital TechnologiesHunter, JL; O'Brien, L
30-Sep-2017Switching Middle School Teachers onto STEM Using a Pedagogical Framework for Technology Integration: The Case for High Possibility Classrooms in AustraliaHunter, JL; Liu, L; Gibson David, D
3-Jul-2017Switching middle school teachers onto STEM using a pedagogical framework for technology integration: The case for High Possibility Classrooms in AustraliaHunter, JL; Resta, P; Smith, S
2017Case study: Technology-enhanced learning in High Possibility Classrooms in Australian schoolsHunter, JL
1-Aug-2016High Possibility Classrooms: Emerging stories in design based learning in Australian secondary schoolsHunter, JL
2016Messy or not: the role of education institutions in leading successful applications of digital technology in teaching and learningLittlejohn, C; Hunter, JL
3-Aug-2015High possibility classrooms: A new model for technology integrationHunter, JL
31-May-2015High Possibility Classrooms: A New Model for Technology IntegrationHunter, JL; Neiss, ML; Gillow- Wiles, H
2015Big Learning for the Future: High Possibility Classrooms in the Middle SchoolHunter, JL
2015High Possibility Classrooms: Creating iHistorians and iGeographersHunter, JL
2014High Possibility Classrooms : IL in actionHunter, JL
2013Connected Learning in an Australian Technology Program: A Case StudyHunter, JL
1-Jan-2011Connected learning in an Australian technology program: A case studyHunter, JL