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2022-01-01Noisy silences: complexity in non-Indigenous Central Australian soundscapes in the 1970sHurley, AW
2020Remembering German-Australian Colonial EntanglementsEckstein, L; Hurley, AW; Eckstein, L; Hurley, AW
2020German-Australian Entanglements: on German settler colonialism, the wavering interests of exploration, science, mission and migration, and the contestations of travelling memoryHurley, A; Eckstein, L; Eckstein, L; Hurley, AW
2019-09-20Soundtracking Germany: Popular Music and National IdentityHurley, AW
2019-09-05Landscapes of Leichhardt CommemorationHurley, AW
2019-04-03Whistling the death march? Listening in to the acoustics of ludwig leichhardt’s Australian explorationHurley, AW
2018-10-31Ludwig Leichhardt's Ghosts The Strange Career of a Traveling MythHurley, AW
2018-10-17In and Out: Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in Joachim Ernst Berendt's Jazzbuch, or Towards the Biography of a BookHurley, AW; Knauer, W
2018-01-02Remembering German-Australian colonial entanglement: An introductionBarrett, L; Eckstein, L; Hurley, AW; Schwarz, A
2018-01-02Remembering Hermannsburg and the Strehlows in cantata form: Music, the German-Australian past and reconciliationHurley, AW
2018Always within reach, trumpet gold, interpretation-free, above suspicion? Gunter Grass, Jazz and LiteratureHurley, AW; Krick-Aigner, K; Schuster, M-O
2017-01-02Farewell my country? Hermannsburg, Gus Williams, and the indigenised HeimatliedHurley, AW
2015-12-29Music and Environment: Registering Contemporary ConvergencesHurley, AW; Taylor, H
2015-11-01Establishing minimal techno as soundtrack to the Creative City: Hannes Stöhr's Berlin callingHurley, AW
2015-10-02“The greatest son of our Heimat”: reading German Leichhardts across the National Socialist eraHurley, AW; Schwarz, A
2015-09-12Periodizing and Historicizing German Afro-Americanophilia: From Counterculture to Post-soul (1968-2005).Hurley, AW
2015-09-12Introduction: Special Issue on Afro-Americanophilia in Germany.Hurley, AW; Ege, M
2015-09-12Periodizing and Historicizing German Afro-Americanophilia: From Antebellum to Postwar (1850–1967)Ege, M; Hurley, AW
2015-09-12Periodizing and Historicizing German Afro-Americanophilia: From Counterculture to Post-soul (1968-2005).Ege, M; Hurley, AW
2015-09-12How 'Afro-Americanophilia' became Polyphilia: Joachim-Ernst Berendt's Journey from Jazz to 'Weltmusik.'Hurley, AW