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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Dec-2018Toward a Self-Learned Smart ContractsAlmasoud, AS; Eljazzar, MM; Hussain, F
2018Sentiment Analysis of Specific Product's Features Using Product Tree for Application in New Product DevelopmentHussain, F; Mirtalaie, MA; Hussain, OK; Chang, E
2018A Centralized Trust Management Mechanism for the Internet of Things (CTM-IoT)Alshehri, MD; Hussain, F
1-Jan-2017Automatic Multi-view Action Recognition with Robust FeaturesChou, KP; Prasad, M; Li, DL; Bharill, N; Lin, YF; Hussain, F; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
7-Nov-2016Allocating optimized resources in the cloud by a viable SLA xodelHussain, W; Hussain, F; Hussain, O
19-Oct-2016QoS prediction methods to avoid SLA violation in post-interaction time phaseHussain, W; Hussain, F; Hussain, O
5-Dec-2014Role of mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 in corticosteroid insensitivity of chronic oxidant lung injuryPinart, M; Hussain, F; Shirali, S; Li, F; Zhu, J; Clark, AR; Ammit, AJ; Chung, KF
1-Jan-2014Task Based System Load Balancing Approach in Cloud EnvironmentsRamezani, F; Lu, J; Hussain, F
1-Dec-2013Task scheduling optimization in cloud computing applying multi-objective particle swarm optimizationRamezani, F; Lu, J; Hussain, F
31-Oct-2013An online fuzzy Decision Support System for Resource Management in cloud environmentsRamezani, F; Lu, J; Hussain, F
19-Sep-2011A combinational approach for trust establishment in cognitive radio networksParvin, S; Han, S; Hussain, F; Tian, B
1-Jan-2010Transactional risk-based decision making system in e-business interactionsHussain, OK; Dillon, T; Chang, E; Hussain, F
1-Dec-2009A fuzzy inference model for risk based informed decision-making in e-businessHussain, O; Dillon, T; Chang, E; Hussain, F
1-Dec-2009A methodology for transactional risk assessment and decision making in e-business interactionsHussain, O; Dillon, T; Chang, E; Hussain, F
1-Dec-2009Towards DoS attack prevention based on clustering architecture in mobile IP communicationParvin, S; Ali, S; Singh, J; Hussain, F; Han, S
5-Oct-2009Determining the net financial risk for decision making in business interactionsHussain, O; Dillon, T; Chang, E; Hussain, F
Jan-2009Modelling Trust, Honour and Reliability in Business RelationshipsDebenham, JK; Chang, E; Hussain, F; Kayacan, E
1-Dec-2008Determining the Level of Perceived Risk in e-business Web 2.0 InteractionsHussain, O; Chang, E; Dillon, T; Hussain, F
1-Dec-2008Ascertaining the semantic and linguistic Level of perceived risk in e-Business interactionsHussain, O; Chang, E; Dillon, T; Hussain, F
31-Oct-2008Highlighting the issues in making an informed interaction-based decision in industrial ecosystemsHussain, O; Dillon, T; Chang, E; Hussain, F