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2023-04-08Blockchain-based micro-credentialing system in higher education institutions: Systematic literature reviewAlsobhi, HA; Alakhtar, RA; Ubaid, A; Hussain, OK; Hussain, FK
2023-01-01A Game-Theoretic Method for Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats in Cyber SystemsZhang, L; Zhu, T; Hussain, FK; Ye, D; Zhou, W
2023-01-01Towards a Blockchain-Based Crowdsourcing Method for Robotic Ontology EvolutionAlharbi, W; Hussain, FK
2023-01-01Technology Factors Influencing Saudi Higher Education Institutions’ Adoption of Blockchain Technology: A Qualitative StudyAlalyan, MS; Jaafari, NA; Hussain, FK
2023-01-01A Roadmap to Blockchain Technology Adoption in Saudi Public HospitalsKhwaji, A; Alsahafi, Y; Hussain, FK
2023-01-01Interpreting the antecedents of a predicted output by capturing the interdependencies among the system features and their evolution over timeNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2023-01-01Barriers to Blockchain Adoption by Saudi Higher Education Institutions: A Structural Equation AnalysisAlalyan, MS; Jaafari, NA; Hussain, FK
2022-11-01Intelligent context-aware fog node discoveryBukhari, AA; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
2022-10-01Fog node discovery and selection: A Systematic literature reviewBukhari, A; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
2022-08-17Proof by Earnestness (PoE) to determine the authenticity of subjective information in blockchains - application in supply chain risk managementBui, HT; Hussain, OK; Prior, D; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-08-01Task offloading in vehicular fog computing: State-of-the-art and open issuesHamdi, AMA; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
2022-07-15A survey on recent computer-aided diagnosis for detecting diabetic retinopathyPriyadharsini, C; Kannan R., J; Hussain, FK
2022-03-11Systematic Analysis of DDoS Attacks in BlockchainSheikh, MA; Khan, GZ; Hussain, FK
2022-03-11Secured Land Title Transfer System in Australia using VPN based Blockchain NetworkSheikh, MA; Khattak, F; Khan, GZ; Hussain, FK
2022-03-01HSR: Hyperbolic Social RecommenderLi, A; Yang, B; Hussain, FK; Huo, H
2022-01-10Explainability in supply chain operational risk management: A systematic literature reviewNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-01-01Contextual information aware optimal communication in radio networks in considering the pervasive computing -A literature reviewKhan, S; Wilson, A; Hussain, FK
2022-01-01A reinforcement learning-based framework for disruption risk identification in supply chainsAboutorab, H; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Hussain, FK
2022-01-01Financing manufacturers for investing in Industry 4.0 technologies: internal financing vs. External financingAzadi, M; Moghaddas, Z; Farzipoor Saen, R; Hussain, FK
2022-01-01A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Technology for Identity ManagementAlharbi, M; Hussain, FK