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2024-01-03UNRAVELING NEAT1'S COMPLEX ROLE IN LUNG CANCER BIOLOGY: A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEWHussain, MS; Afzal, O; Gupta, G; Goyal, A; Almalki, WH; Kazmi, I; Alzarea, SI; Altamimi, ASA; Kukreti, N; Chakraborty, A; Singh, SK; Dua, K
2023-11-20Immunopathology of herpes simplex virus-associated neuroinflammation: Unveiling the mysteries.Hussain, MS; Gupta, G; Samuel, VP; Almalki, WH; Kazmi, I; Alzarea, SI; Saleem, S; Khan, R; Altwaijry, N; Patel, S; Patel, A; Singh, SK; Dua, K
2022Vesicular Drug Delivery Systems in Respiratory DiseasesSatija, S; Dhanjal, DS; Sharma, P; Hussain, MS; Chan, Y; Ng, SW; Prasher, P; Dureja, H; Chopra, C; Singh, R; Gupta, G; Chellappan, DK; Dua, K; Mehta, M
2021-10-01Nanotechnology based advanced therapeutic strategies for targeting interleukins in chronic respiratory diseases.Hussain, MS; Sharma, P; Dhanjal, DS; Khurana, N; Vyas, M; Sharma, N; Mehta, M; Tambuwala, MM; Satija, S; Sohal, SS; Oliver, BGG; Sharma, HS
2017-09-01Natural language processing in mental health applications using non-clinical textsCalvo, RA; Milne, DN; Hussain, MS; Christensen, H
2017-08-05Augmenting online mental health support servicesCalvo, RA; Hussain, MS; Milne, D; Nordbo, K; Hickie, I; Danckwerts, P
-From nature to therapy: Luteolin's potential as an immune system modulator in inflammatory disordersHussain, MS; Gupta, G; Goyal, A; Thapa, R; almalki, WH; Kazmi, I; Alzarea, SI; Fuloria, S; Meenakshi, DU; Jakhmola, V; Pandey, M; Singh, SK; Dua, K
-Hope on the horizon: Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells in the fight against COVID-19Gupta, G; Hussain, MS; Thapa, R; Dahiya, R; Mahapatra, DK; Bhat, AA; Singla, N; Subramaniyan, V; Rawat, S; Jakhmola, V; S, R; Dua, K