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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-12A Survey of Trendy Financial Sector Applications of Machine and Deep LearningLestari, NI; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM; Bekhit, M
2023-01-01Towards an API Marketplace for an e-Invoicing EcosystemManchanda, C; Hussain, W; Rabhi, L; Rabhi, F
2022-12-01The Joint Method of Triple Attention and Novel Loss Function for Entity Relation Extraction in Small Data-Driven Computational Social SystemsGao, H; Huang, J; Tao, Y; Hussain, W; Huang, Y
2022-11-01Cloud Risk Management With OWA-LSTM and Fuzzy Linguistic Decision MakingHussain, W; Raza, MR; Jan, MA; Merigo, JM; Gao, H
2022-02-01Approaching a Large Defect on the Lower Nasal Sidewall-A Twist on a Classic Reconstruction.Hussain, W
2022-01-01Aggregating Fuzzy Sentiments with Customized QoS Parameters for Cloud Provider Selection Using Fuzzy Best Worst and Fuzzy TOPSISHussain, W; Merigó, JM; Rabhi, F; Gao, H
2022-01-01Review-Based Recommender System for Hedonic and Utilitarian Products in IoT FrameworkTahira, A; Hussain, W; Ali, A
2022-01-01Performance Analysis of Deep Approaches on Airbnb Sentiment ReviewsRaza, MR; Hussain, W; Varol, A; Varol, A; Karabatak, M; Varol, C
2022-01-01Integrated AHP-IOWA, POWA Framework for Ideal Cloud Provider Selection and Optimum Resource ManagementHussain, W; Merigo, JM; Gao, H; Alkalbani, AM; Rabhi, FA
2022-01-01Tax Revenue Measurement Using OWA OperatorsLeon-Castro, E; Blanco-Mesa, F; Hussain, W; Flores-Sosa, M; Perez-Arellano, LA
2022-01-01TSMAE: A Novel Anomaly Detection Approach for Internet of Things Time Series Data Using Memory-Augmented AutoencoderGao, H; Qiu, B; Duran Barroso, RJ; Hussain, W; Xu, Y; Wang, X
2022-01-01Centralised Quality of Experience and Service Framework Using PROMETHEE-II for Cloud Provider SelectionHussain, W; Merigo, JM; Gao, H; Kim, JY; Hussain, W; Iqbal, M; Duan, Y
2022-01-01CAMRL: A Joint Method of Channel Attention and Multidimensional Regression Loss for 3D Object Detection in Automated VehiclesGao, H; Fang, D; Xiao, J; Hussain, W; Kim, JY
2022-01-01Intelligent Processing and IT Tools for E-Commerce Data, Information, and KnowledgeGao, H; Kim, JY; Hussain, W; Iqbal, M; Duan, Y; Gao, H; Kim, JY; Hussain, W; Iqbal, M; Duan, Y
2022-01-01Onsite/offsite social commerce adoption for SMEs using fuzzy linguistic decision making in complex frameworkHussain, W; Merigo, JM
2022-01-01Predictive intelligence using ANFIS‐induced OWAWA for complex stock market predictionHussain, W; Merigó, JM; Raza, MR
2022A New QoS Prediction Model using Hybrid IOWA- ANFIS with Fuzzy C-Means, Subtractive Clustering and Grid PartitioningHussain, W; Merigó, JM; Raheel Raza, M; Gao, H
2022Assessing cloud QoS predictions using OWA in neural network methods.Hussain, W; Gao, H; Raza, MR; Rabhi, FA; Merigó, JM
2021-11-18Long Short-Term Memory-based Sentiment Classification of Cloud DatasetRaza, MR; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM
2021-10-06Cloud Sentiment Accuracy Comparison using RNN, LSTM and GRURaza, MR; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM