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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-18Long Short-Term Memory-based Sentiment Classification of Cloud DatasetRaza, MR; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM
2021-10-06Cloud Sentiment Accuracy Comparison using RNN, LSTM and GRURaza, MR; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM
2021-08-04Editorial: AI-based mobile multimedia computing for data-smart processingGao, H; Hussain, W; Yin, Y; Zhao, W; Iqbal, M
2021-07-20Blockchain-based IoT: An OverviewRaza, MR; Varol, A; Hussain, W
2021-03-11Cloud service discovery method: A framework for automatic derivation of cloud marketplace and cloud intelligence to assist consumers in finding cloud servicesAsma, A; Hussain, W
2021SSUR: An Approach to Optimizing Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Based on User Requirements for Cloud Data CenterHuang, Y; Xu, H; Gao, H; Ma, X; Hussain, W
2020-11-09Managing SLA Violation in the cloud using Fuzzy re-SchdNeg Decision ModelAlrashed, BA; Hussain, W
2020-09-01The Ubiquitous Internet of Things in Electricity (IOTE): Computational-Intelligence-based Optimization, Security Control, and Fault DiagnosisGao, H; Yin, Y; Hussain, W; Hussain, W
2020-01-01A PLS-SEM Neural Network Approach for Understanding Cryptocurrency AdoptionSohaib, O; Hussain, W; Asif, M; Ahmad, M; Mazzara, M
2020Collaborative Learning-Based Industrial IoT API Recommendation for Software-Defined Devices: The Implicit Knowledge Discovery PerspectiveGao, H; Qin, X; Barroso, RJD; Hussain, W; Xu, Y; Yin, Y
2019-06-01Integrating design thinking into extreme programmingSohaib, O; Solanki, H; Dhaliwa, N; Hussain, W; Asif, M
2019-06-01Cloud computing model selection for e-commerce enterprises using a new 2-tuple fuzzy linguistic decision-making methodSohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Hussain, W; Martinez, L
2019-02-14Methodological investigation for enhancing the usability of university websitesManzoor, M; Hussain, W; Sohaib, O; Hussain, FK; Alkhalaf, S
2019-01-01A centralised cloud services repository (CCSR) framework for optimal cloud service advertisement discovery from heterogenous web portalsAlkalbani, AM; Hussain, W; Kim, JY
2019-01-01Cloud Marginal Resource Allocation: A Decision Support ModelHussain, W; Sohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Gao, H
2019-01-01Analysing Cloud QoS Prediction Approaches and Its Control Parameters: Considering Overall Accuracy and Freshness of a DatasetHussain, W; Sohaib, O
2018-12-01Comparing time series with machine learning-based prediction approaches for violation management in cloud SLAsHussain, W; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M; Hussain, OK; Chang, E
2018-10-12SaaS e-commerce platforms web accessibility evaluationSohaib, O; Naderpour, M; Hussain, W
2018-02-05Internet of Things (IoT) in E-commerce: For people with disabilitiesSohaib, O; Lu, H; Hussain, W
2018-01-01Risk-based framework for SLA violation abatement from the cloud service provider's perspectiveHussain, W; Hussain, FK; Hussain, O; Bagia, R; Chang, E