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22-Feb-2017Acetyl-α-d-mannopyranose based cationic polymer via RAFT polymerization for lectin and nucleic acid bindingsTing, SS; Min, EH; Lau, BKF; Hutvagner, GJ
20-Nov-2016Cationic Polymers based on Fructose and Galactose Moieties for Nucleic Acids DeliveryAttwater, DJ; Stenzel, MH; Min, EH; Zhao, J; Hutvagner, GJ; Ting, SRSIMON
Jan-2013Small RNAs derived from the 5' end of tRNAs can inhibit protein translation in human cellsSobala, A; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2012Polypyrimidine tract binding protein (hnRNP I) is possibly a conserved modulator of miRNA-mediated gene regulation.Engels, B; Jannot, G; Remenyi, J; Simard, MJ; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2011Posttranslational modification of Argonautes and their role in small RNA mediated gene regulationJohnston, M; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2011An evolutionarily conserved, alternatively spliced, intron in the p68/DDX5 DEAD-box RNA helicase gene encodes a novel miRNAMoore, HC; Johnston, MB; Nicol, SM; Bourdon, J; Thompson, AM; Hutvagner, GJ; Fuller-pace, FV
Jan-2011The ribosomal protein RACK1 is required for microRNA function in both C. elegans and humansJannot, G; Bajan, SM; Giguère, N; Bouasker, S; Banville, IH; Piquet, S; Hutvagner, GJ; Simard, MJ
Jan-2011Transfer RNA-derived fragments: origins, processing, and functionsSobala, A; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2010Natural Variation of the Amino-Terminal Glutamine-Rich Domain in Drosophila Argonaute2 Is Not Associated with Developmental DefectsHain, D; Bettencourt, B; Okamura, K; Csorba, T; Meyer, W; Jin, Z; Biggerstaff, J; Siomi, H; Hutvagner, GJ; Lai, E; Welte, M; Muller, H
Jan-2010Polerovirus protein P0 prevents the assembly of small RNA-containing RISC complexes and leads to degradation of ARGONAUTE1Csorba, T; Lozsa, R; Hutvagner, GJ; Burgyan, J
Jan-2010HSP90 Protein Stabilizes Unloaded Argonaute Complexes and Microscopic P-bodies in Human CellsJohnston, MB; Geoffroy, M; Sobala, A; Hay, R; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2010Regulation of miRNA Transcription in Macrophages in Response to Candida albicansMonk, CE; Hutvagner, GJ; Arthur, JS
Jan-2010Integration of microRNA changes in vivo identifies novel molecular features of muscle insulin resistance in Type 2 DiabetesGallagher, IJ; Scheele, C; Keller, P; Nielsen, AR; Remenyi, J; Fischer, CP; Roder, K; Babraj, J; Wahlestedt, C; Hutvagner, GJ; Pedersen, BK; Timmons, JA
Jan-2010Regulation of the miR-212/132 locus by MSK1 and CREB in response to neurotrophinsRemenyi, J; Hunter, CJ; Cole, C; Ando, H; Impey, S; Monk, CE; Martin, KJ; Barton, GJ; Hutvagner, GJ; Arthur, JS
Jan-2009Filtering of deep sequencing data reveals the existence of abundant Dicer-dependent small RNAs derived from tRNAsCole, C; Sobala, A; Lu, C; Thatcher, S; Bowman, A; Brown, J; Green, P; Barton, GJ; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2008Loss of miRNA biogenesis induces p19(Arf)-p53 signaling and senescence in primary cellsMudhasani, R; Zhu, Z; Hutvagner, GJ; Eischen, C; Lyle, S; Hall, L; Lawrence, J; Imbalzano, A; Jones, S
Jan-2008Argonaute proteins: key players in RNA silencingHutvagner, GJ; Simard, MJ
Jan-2006Principles and effects of microRNA-mediated post-transcriptional gene regulationEngels, B; Hutvagner, GJ
Jan-2005Small RNA asymmetry in RNAi: Function in RISC assembly and gene regulationHutvagner, GJ
Jan-2004Sequence-specific inhibition of small RNA functionHutvagner, GJ; Simard, MJ; Mello, C; Zamore, P