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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-01Machine learning and deep learning methods for wireless network applicationsChen, ACH; Jia, WK; Hwang, FJ; Liu, G; Song, F; Pu, L
2022-01-01Neuron-Network-Based Mixture Probability Model for Passenger Walking Time Distribution EstimationFang, H; Chen, CH; Chen, D; Hwang, FJ
2021-10Spatial heterogeneity and migration characteristics of traffic congestion—A quantitative identification method based on taxi trajectory dataFu, X; Xu, C; Liu, Y; Chen, C-H; Hwang, FJ; Wang, J
2021-06-16Environmental design strategies to decrease the risk of nosocomial infection in medical buildings using a hybrid MCDM modelXiong, L; Sheng, G; Fan, Z-M; Yang, H; Hwang, FJ; Zhu, B-W
2021-04-02Maritime target detection based on electronic image stabilization technology of shipborne cameraShan, X; Pang, M; Zhao, D; Wang, D; Hwang, FJ; CHEN, C-H
2021-02Editorial: Machine Learning Methods for Distributed Sensor Network ApplicationsChen, C-H; Chao, K-M; Hwang, FJ; Han, C; Pu, L
2021Urban Public Transport Accessibility to Medical Services From the Perspective of Residents’ Travel: A Hybrid Assessment Based on the Whole ProcessFu, X; Qiang, Y; Wang, J; Zhao, X; Hwang, FJ; Chen, C-H
2021The operating room scheduling problem based on patient priorityMashkani, O; Hwang, FJ; Salehipour, A
2020-11-13Multiple Linear Regression Based on Stream Homomorphic Encryption ComputingZhang, Y; Liu, Y; Chung, C-L; Chen, C-H; Hwang, FJ
2020-06Parallel and distributed architecture of genetic algorithm on Apache Hadoop and SparkLu, H-C; Hwang, FJ; Huang, Y-H
2020-05Deep Learning Applications with Practical Measured Results in Electronics IndustriesHorng, M-F; Kung, H-Y; Chen, C-H; Hwang, FJ
2020-03-19Deep Learning Applications with Practical Measured Results in Electronics IndustriesHorng, M-F; Kung, H-Y; Chen, C-H; Hwang, FJ
2020-03-01A probability density function generator based on neural networksChen, CH; Song, F; Hwang, FJ; Wu, L
2019-11-01Makespan minimization for the m-machine ordered flow shop scheduling problemKhatami, M; Salehipour, A; Hwang, FJ
2019-07-01Travel Time Prediction System Based on Data Clustering for Waste Collection VehiclesCHEN, C-H; Hwang, FJ; KUNG, H-Y
2019-03-20Deep learning techniques for agronomy applicationsChen, CH; Kung, HY; Hwang, FJ
2019-01-01Travel time prediction system based on data clustering for waste collection vehiclesChen, CH; Hwang, FJ; Kung, HY
2018-10-03Global optimization for the three-dimensional open-dimension rectangular packing problemHuang, YH; Hwang, FJ
2018-10-01Survey and extensions of manufacturing models in two-stage flexible flow shops with dedicated machinesHwang, FJ; Lin, BMT
2018-09-01Introduction to the special issue: Applications of internet of thingsChen, CH; Al-Masri, E; Hwang, FJ; Ktoridou, D; Lo, KR