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2023-07-03Direct synthesis of nanopatterned epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide.Katzmarek, D; Mancini, A; Maier, S; Iacopi, F
2023-05-07Low-leakage epitaxial graphene field-effect transistors on cubic silicon carbide on siliconPradeepkumar, A; Cheng, HH; Liu, KY; Gebert, M; Bhattacharyya, S; Fuhrer, MS; Iacopi, F
2023-05-01Tunable nonlocal metasurfaces based on graphene for analogue optical computationKhodasevych, I; Wesemann, L; Roberts, A; Iacopi, F
2023-01-01PrefaceIacopi, F; Balestra, F
2023-01-01More-than-Moore Devices and Integration for Semi conductorsIacopi, F; Balestra, F; Iacopi, F; Balestra, F
2022-12-20Characteristics of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC/Si Substrates in the Radio Frequency SpectrumKatzmarek, DA; Yang, Y; Ghasemian, MB; Kalantar-Zadeh, K; Ziolkowski, RW; Iacopi, F
2022-10-11A perspective on electroencephalography sensors for brain-computer interfacesIacopi, F; Lin, C-T
2022-07-28Thin-Film Electrodes Based on Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Neural InterfacesFaisal, N; Iacopi, F
2022-06-21Unique multi -level metal layer electronics solutions offered by advanced 3D printingLi, M; Yang, Y; Nulman, J; Yamada, M; Iacopi, F
2022-06-17Designing concentric nanoparticles for surface-enhanced light-matter interaction in the mid-infraredKhodasevych, I; Rufangura, P; Iacopi, F
2022-04-01A low-power, high-accuracy with fully on-chip ternary weight hardware architecture for Deep Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, DA; Tran, XT; Dang, KN; Iacopi, F
2022-03-02Review of Graphene for the Generation, Manipulation, and Detection of Electromagnetic Fields from Microwave to TerahertzKatzmarek, D; Pradeepkumar, A; Ziolkowski, R; Iacopi, F
2022-01-03Additively Manufactured Multi-Layer Bandpass Filter Based on Vertically Integrated Composite Right and Left Handed ResonatorLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Nulman, J
2022-01-01GAQ-SNN: A Genetic Algorithm based Quantization Framework for Deep Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, DA; Tran, XT; Iacopi, F
2021-12-23Non-invasive on-skin sensors for brain machine interfaces with epitaxial graphene.Faisal, SN; Amjadipour, M; Izzo, K; Singer, JA; Bendavid, A; Lin, C-T; Iacopi, F
2021-09-01Enhanced absorption with graphene-coated silicon carbide nanowires for mid-infrared nanophotonicsRufangura, P; Khodasevych, I; Agrawal, A; Bosi, M; Folland, TG; Caldwell, JD; Iacopi, F
2021-07-01Compact Multilayer Bandpass Filter Using Low-Temperature Additively Manufacturing SolutionLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Yamada, M; Nulman, J
2021-07-01Foreword Special Issue on Low-Temperature Processing of Electronic Materials for Cutting Edge DevicesBerger, PR; Hussain, MM; Iacopi, F; Schulze, J; Ye, P; Rachmady, W; Wen, HC; Krishnan, S
2021-05-24A Review of Algorithms and Hardware Implementations for Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, D-A; Tran, X-T; Iacopi, F
2021-02MoS2/Epitaxial graphene layered electrodes for solid-state supercapacitors.Amjadipour, M; Bradford, J; Zebardastan, N; Motta, N; Iacopi, F