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Jan-2014The contribution of nurses to incident disclosure: A narrative reviewHarrison, R; Birks, Y; Hall, J; Bosanquet, K; Harden, M; Iedema, RA
2014Clinical utility of an observational and response chart with human factors design characteristics and a track and trigger system: study protocol of a two-phase multi-site multiple methods designElliott, D; McKinley, SM; Perry, L; Duffield, CM; Iedema, RA; Gallagher, R; Fry, M; Roche, MA; allen, E
Jan-2013Should culture affect practice? A comparison of prognostic discussions in consultations with immigrant versus native-born cancer patientsButow, P; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Bell, M; Aldridge, L; Abdo, S; Tanious, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Vardy, J; Hui, R; Boyle, F; Liauw, W; Goldstein, D
Jan-2013Trust After Medical IncidentsBeitat, K; Bentele, G; Iedema, RA; Candlin, CN
Jan-2013Out Of The Frying Pan? Streamlining The Ethics Review Process Of Multisite Qualitative Research ProjectsIedema, RA; Allen, SL; Britton, KL; Hor, S
Jan-2013Finding the patient in patient safetyHor, S; Godbold, NJ; Collier, A; Iedema, RA
Jan-2013Visualising Health Care ImprovementIedema, RA; Mesman, J; Carroll, KE
Jan-2012Anatomy of an Incident Disclosure: The Importance of DialogueIedema, RA; Allen, S
Jan-2012Mobile IT Solutions For Home Health CareBreitschwerdt, R; Iedema, RA; Robert, S; Bosse, A; Thomas, O
Jan-2012What Do Patients And Relatives Know About Problems And Failures In Care?Iedema, RA; Allen, S; Britton, KL; Gallagher, T
Jan-2012Utilizing experience-based co-design to improve the experience of patients accessing emergency departments in New South Wales public hospitals: an evaluation studyPiper, DA; Iedema, RA; Gray, J; Verma, R; Holmes, L; Manning, N
Jan-2012Prognostic Communication Preferences Of Migrant Patients And Their RelativesMitchison, D; Butow, P; Sze, M; Aldridge, LP; Hui, R; Vardy, J; Eisenbruch, M; Iedema, RA; Goldstein, D
Jan-2012Design And Trial Of A New Ambulance-to-emergency Department Handover Protocol: 'IMIST-AMBO'Iedema, RA; Ball, C; Daly, B; Young, J; Green, T; Middleton, P; Foster-curry, C; Jones, M; Hoy, S; Comerford, D
Jan-2011Grappling With Cultural Differences; Communication Between Oncologists And Immigrant Cancer Patients With And Without InterpretersButow, P; Bell, M; Goldstein, D; Sze, M; Aldridge, L; Abdo, S; Mikhail, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
Jan-2011Discourse studies in the 21st century: A response to mats alvesson and dan kärreman's 'decolonializing discourse'Iedema, RA
Jan-2011End-Of-Life Care In An Acute Care Hospital: Linking Policy And PracticeSorensen, R; Iedema, RA
Jan-2011Bedside Review Of Patient Care In An Emergency Department: The Cow RoundRichmond, C; Merrick, ET; Green, T; Dinh, M; Iedema, RA
Jan-2011Interpretation In Consultations With Immigrant Patients With Cancer: How Accurate Is It?Butow, P; Goldstein, D; Bell, M; Sze, M; Aldridge, LP; Abdo, S; Tanious, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Vardy, J; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
Jan-2011The 'clinalyst': Institutionalizing Reflexive Space To Realize Safety And Flexible Systematization In Health CareIedema, RA; Carroll, KE
Jan-2011What Prevents Incident Disclosure, and What Can Be Done to Promote It?Iedema, RA; Allen, S; Sorensen, R; Gallagher, T