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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Visualising Health Care ImprovementIedema, RA; Mesman, J; Carroll, KE
2013-01Trust After Medical IncidentsBeitat, K; Bentele, G; Iedema, RA; Candlin, CN
2008-01Professionalism and Organisational ChangeIedema, RA; Degeling, PJ; White, L; Wodak, R; Ludwig, C
2008-01Managing clinical processes: objectives, evidence and contextSorensen, R; Iedema, RA; Sorensen, R; Iedema, R
2008-01Co-producing careIedema, RA; Sorensen, R; Jorm, C; Piper, DA; Sorensen, R; Iedema, R
2008-01Implications for practiceSorensen, R; Iedema, RA; Sorensen, R; Iedema, R
2008-01Embodying the contemporary 'clinician-manager': entrepreneurialising middle management?Iedema, RA; Ainsworth, S; Grant, D; Coulthard, CC; Iedema, R
2007-10-09Promoting safety: Longer-term responses of three health professional groups to a safety improvement programmeWestbrook, MT; Braithwaite, J; Travaglia, JF; Long, D; Jorm, C; Iedema, RA
2007-09-11Trust, communication, theory of mind and the social brain hypothesis: Deep explanations for what goes wrong in health careFitzgerald, L; Annabelle, ML; Braithwaite, J; Iedema, RA; Jorm, C
2007-02-01Health care participants' dualism: Are new sub-species evolving?Braithwaite, J; Westbrook, JI; Iedema, RA
2007-01Corridor Conversations: Clinical Communication in Casual SpacesIedema, RA; Rick Iedema
2007-01Rostered Labour and Intensive Work Places: The Organisational and Industrial Relations Complexities of providing 24 hour careCarroll, KE; Bridgeford, S; Iedema, RA; Dann, S; Franzway, S; Masterman-Smith, H
2007-01Communicating Hospital WorkIedema, RA; Rick Iedema
2007-01Critical incident reporting and the discursive reconfiguration of feeling and positioningIedema, RA
2007-01Recognising and Enabling Clinician-led Quality Improvement Initiatives: the Spinal Pressure Pressure Care ClinicLee, BB; Iedema, RA; Jones, S; Marial, O; Braithwaite, J; Long, D
2007-01Identity, Surveillance and ResistanceRhodes, CH; Iedema, RA; Scheeres, HB; Pullen, A; Beech, N; Sims, D
2006-12-01Experiences of health professionals who conducted root cause analyses after undergoing a safety improvement programmeBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, MT; Mallock, NA; Travaglia, JF; Iedema, RA
2006-02-01Does restructuring hospitals results in greater efficiency? - An empirical test using diachronic dataBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, MT; Hindle, D; Iedema, RA; Black, DA
2006-01(Post-)bureaucratizing Medicine: Health Reform and the Reconfiguration of Contemporary Clinical WorkIedema, RA
2006-01The (Im)possibilities of clinical democracyLong, D; Forsyth, R; Iedema, RA; Carroll, KE