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1-Feb-2017Application of fractional calculus in modelling ballast deformation under cyclic loadingSun, Y; Indraratna, B; Carter, JP; Marchant, T; Nimbalkar, S
Sep-2016Performance improvement of rail track substructure using artificial inclusions - Experimental and numerical studiesIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Ngo, NT; Neville, T
1-Aug-2016Improved performance of ballasted rail track using geosynthetics and rubber shockmatNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B
1-Jul-2016Laboratory assessment of the role of particle size distribution on the deformation and degradation of ballast under cyclic loadingIndraratna, B; Sun, Y; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2016Deformation and Degradation of Railroad Granular Layers under High Frequency Cyclic Loading and the Benefits of Using GeosyntheticsNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B; Mahdi Biabani, M
1-Jan-2016The Deformation and Degradation of Granular Material under High-Frequency Cyclic LoadingSun, QD; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2016Application of Shock Mats in Rail Track Foundation Subjected to Dynamic LoadsNavaratnarajah, SK; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S
2016In-situ performance assessment of ballasted railway track stabilised using geosynthetics and shock matsNimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B; Lehane, BM; Acosta-Martinez, HE; Kelly, R
10-Jun-2015An Australian perspective on modernization of rail tracks using geosynthetics and shockmatsIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Indraratna, B; Chu, J; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
1-Jun-2015The Role of Native Vegetation in Stabilizing Formation Soil for Transport Corridors - An Australian ExperienceFatahi, B; Pathirage, U; Indraratna, B; Pallewattha, M; Khabbaz, H; Indraratna, B; Chu, J; RUJIKIATKAMJORN, C
1-Jun-2015Improving Geotechnical Properties of Closed Landfills for Redevelopment Using Chemical Stabilization TechniquesKhabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Fatahi, B; Indraratna, B; Chu, J; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2015Observed and predicted behaviour of rail ballast under monotonic loading capturing particle breakageIndraratna, B; Sun, QD; Nimbalkar, S
1-Dec-2014From theory to practice in track geomechanics - Australian perspective for synthetic inclusionsIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
Dec-2014Advancing Australia's facilities for physical modelling in geotechnicsCassidy, MJ; Gaudin, C; Bates, L; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; O'Loughlin, CD; White, DJ; Sloan, SW
Sep-2014A constitutive model for coal-fouled ballast capturing the effects of particle degradationIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Coop, M; Sloan, SW
Jul-2014Effect of cyclic loading frequency on the permanent deformation and degradation of railway ballastSun, QD; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2014Ground improvement for rail, port and road infrastructure - From theory to practiceIndraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2014Impact of ballast fouling on rail tracksTennakoon, N; Indraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S
1-Jan-2014Performance assessment of reinforced ballasted rail trackIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Neville, T
1-Jan-2014Use of shock mats for enhanced stability of railroad track foundationIndraratna, B; Navaratnarajah, SK; Nimbalkar, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C