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2-Feb-2018Australian nursing students' knowledge and attitudes towards pressure injury prevention: A cross-sectional study.Usher, K; Woods, C; Brown, J; Power, T; Lea, J; Hutchinson, M; Mather, C; Miller, A; Saunders, A; Mills, J; Zhao, L; Yates, K; Bodak, M; Southern, J; Jackson, D
1-Dec-2017Mapping trends in the concept of nurse rounding: A bibliometric analysis and research agendaHutchinson, M; Higson, M; Jackson, D
Dec-2017Nurses' contribution to short-term humanitarian care in low- to middle-income countries: An integrative review of the literature.Dawson, S; Elliott, D; Jackson, D
Dec-2017Older people's experiences of falling and perceived risk of falls in the community: A narrative synthesis of qualitative researchGardiner, S; Glogowska, M; Stoddart, C; Pendlebury, S; Lasserson, D; Jackson, D
Dec-2017Pain associated with pressure injury: A qualitative study of community-based, home-dwelling individuals.Jackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K
23-Oct-2017When parenting doesn’t 'come naturally’: providers’ perspectives on parenting education for incarcerated mothers and fathersFowler, C; Rossiter, C; Dawson, A; Power, T; Jackson, D; Roche, M
16-Oct-2017A qualitative study of men's recollections of growing up with father absence: Childhood father figures and family resilienceEast, L; Hutchinson, M; Power, TJ; Jackson, D
3-Oct-2017Becoming a ‘better’ father: Supporting the needs of incarcerated fathersFowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D
14-Sep-2017A systematic review to explore influences on parental attitudes towards antibiotic prescribing in children.Bosley, H; Henshall, C; Appleton, JV; Jackson, D
5-Jul-2017Pondering practice: Enhancing the art of reflectionHayes, CJ; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
6-Jun-2017What is the impact of volunteers providing care and support for people with dementia in acute hospitals? A systematic reviewHall, CL; Brooke, J; Pendlebury, ST; Jackson, D
Jun-2017Self-reported confidence in patient safety knowledge among Australian undergraduate nursing students: A multi-site cross-sectional survey study.Usher, K; Woods, C; Parmenter, G; Hutchinson, M; Mannix, J; Power, T; Chaboyer, W; Latimer, S; Mills, J; Siegloff, L; Jackson, D
4-May-2017Health service provision and the use of pressure-redistributing devices: mixed methods study of community dwelling individuals with pressure injuriesJackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K
26-Apr-2017Calm to chaos: Engaging undergraduate nursing students with the complex nature of interruptions during medication administration.Hayes, C; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
1-Mar-2017"Learning to become a better man": Insights from a fathering programme for incarcerated indigenous menRossiter, C; Power, T; Fowler, C; Jackson, D; Roche, M; Dawson, A
28-Feb-2017Selecting, appraising, recommending and using mobile applications (apps) in nursingFerguson, C; Jackson, D
Feb-2017'Canaries in the mine'. Parents of adult children with schizophrenia: An integrative review of the literature.Klages, D; Usher, K; Jackson, D
Feb-2017Emergency department waiting room nurse role: A key informant perspective.Innes, K; Jackson, D; Plummer, V; Elliott, D
2017Neonatal nurses’ response to a hypothetical premature birth situation: What if it was my baby?.Green, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
2017Quality versus quantity: The complexities of quality of life determinations for neonatal nurses.Green, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D