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2023-12Nurses were at high risk of suicide before the COVID-19 pandemic: Is the worst still to come?Usher, K; Jackson, D
2023-10Technology-facilitated sexual abuse and mental health: What mental health nurses and mental health professionals need to know.Usher, K; Jones, R; Rice, K; Jackson, D
2023-10Domestic violence against women has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic: A perspective paper about the need for change to current and future practice.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Fatema, SR; Jones, R
2023-09-07First responder mental health, traumatic events and rural and remote experience.Jones, R; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2023-07A Decade of Waiting: Experiences of Women Living With Vulvar Crohn's Disease and Interactions With Healthcare Professionals Related to Their Sexual Well-Being: A Qualitative Study.Fourie, S; Jackson, D; Czuber-Dochan, W; Norton, C
2023-06Social issues, crisis, and care coordination: First responders experience responding to people affected by methamphetamines.Jones, R; Jackson, D; Woods, C; Usher, K
2023-05-11The future is ours to shape: Nursing emerging from the pandemic with insight, optimism and courage.Jackson, D; Aveyard, H; Commodore-Mensah, Y; Dale, C; Noyes, J; Smith, GD; Sharps, P; Timmins, F; Yu, D
2023-05-10Missed nursing care, low value activities and cultures of busyness.Jackson, D
2023-02Public expressions of grief and the role of social media in grieving and effecting change.Usher, K; Jackson, D
2023-01-01Understanding the importance of connection: an indigenous exploration of the social and emotional well-being and resilience of a rural cohort of Aboriginal young peopleSmallwood, R; Usher AM, K; Marriott, R; Sampson, N; Jackson, D
2023Mental health and use of Medicare Benefits Schedule follow-up mental health services by Indigenous people in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Peng, W; Amarasena, S; McCowan, D; Miller, J; Cashman, B; Sibbritt, D
2023Preventative health assessments and indigenous people of Australia: a scoping review.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Kabir, H; Jones, R; Miller, J; Peake, R; Smallwood, R
2023Mentoring New Faculty: Being an Ally and AdvocateJackson, D; Gantz, NR
2023Introduction: Mentoring of Early-Stage and Late-Stage Career NursesJackson, D
2023A human rights-based framework for qualitative dementia research.Diaz-Gil, A; Brooke, J; Kozlowska, O; Jackson, D; Appleton, J; Pendlebury, S
2022-12Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at risk of declining mental health due to failure to attend for referred follow-up mental health appointments during COVID-19.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Peng, W; Amarasena, S; Porter, C; McCowan, D; Miller, J; Peake, R; Sibbritt, D
2022-11Integrity and trust in research and publication: The crucial role of peer review.Smith, GD; Jackson, D
2022-11Understanding antibiotic-seeking behaviour: A qualitative case study of mothers of children aged 5 and under.Bosley, H; Henshall, C; Appleton, JV; Jackson, D
2022-10Rates and Patterns of Australian Emergency Department Presentations of People Who Use Stimulants: A Systematic Literature Review.Redona, PT; Woods, C; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2022-09Comparison of Stimulant-Related Presentations to Victorian Emergency Departments Pre-pandemic and During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Redona, PT; Woods, C; Jackson, D; Hayman, J; Usher, K