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2022-08Job experiences, challenges, revelations and narratives of nurse academics. A qualitative study.Singh, C; Jackson, D; Munro, I; Cross, W
2022-07Reflections on nursing research focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic.Jackson, D
2022-06Mixed Methods Study Integration: Nursing student experiences and opinions of intentional rounding.Ryan, L; Jackson, D; East, L; Woods, C; Usher, K
2022-06Supporting the emergent nursing workforce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.Jackson, D; Usher, K
2022-04-08"Rural mothers' feelings of isolation when caring for a child chronic health condition: A phenomenological study".Bristow, SM; Jackson, D; Power, T; Usher, K
2022-01-01Improving the quality of trials reporting.Jackson, D; Hayter, M; Baptiste, D
2022-01-01'Nothing about us without us': embedding participation in peer review processes.Jackson, D; Moorley, C
2022-01-01Nurses on the wrong side of history: Covid-19 risk minimization, vaccine refusal and social privilege.Kelly, D; Jackson, D
2022-01-01Digital demand and digital deficit: conceptualising digital literacy and gauging proficiency among higher education studentsMorgan, A; Sibson, R; Jackson, D
2022-01Improving the quality of trials reporting.Jackson, D; Hayter, M; Baptiste, D
2022-01Improving the quality of trials reporting.Jackson, D; Hayter, M; Baptiste, D
2021-12-01Professional identity transitions, violations and reconciliations among new nurses in low- and middle-income countriesMbuthia, DW; McGivern, G; English, M; Brownie, S; Jackson, D; Gathara, D; Nzinga, J
2021-11-01Compassionate practice in a hospital setting. Experiences of patients and health professionals: A narrative inquiry.Durkin, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2021-11Pressure injuries and skin tone diversity in undergraduate nurse education: Qualitative perspectives from a mixed methods study.Oozageer Gunowa, N; Hutchinson, M; Brooke, J; Aveyard, H; Jackson, D
2021-11Patient perspectives and experiences of sexual health conversations and cardiovascular disease: A qualitative study.East, L; Jackson, D; Manias, E; Dunning, T; Hutchinson, M
2021-10-24Understanding maternal resilience; Lesson learnt from rural mothers caring for a child with a chronic health condition.Bristow, S; Usher, K; Power, T; Jackson, D
2021-10-22Mixed methods case study exploring primary care antibiotic prescribing practices and maternal expectations of using antibiotics in children.Bosley, H; Henshall, C; Appleton, JV; Jackson, D
2021-10-06Are Clinicians Using Routinely Collected Data to Drive Practice Improvement? A Cross Sectional Survey.Gawthorne, J; Fasugba, O; Levi, C; McInnes, E; Ferguson, C; McNeil, J; Cadilhac, DA; Everett, B; Fernandez, R; Fry, M; Goldsmith, H; Hickman, L; Jackson, D; Maguire, J; Murray, E; Perry, L; Middleton, S
2021-10-01Indigenous women's experiences of diabetes in pregnancy: A thematic synthesisPower, T; Wilson, D; East, L; Cashman, B; Wannell, J; Jackson, D
2021-10'These Discussions Aren't Happening': Experiences of People Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Talking About Sexual Well-being with Health Care Professionals.Fourie, S; Norton, C; Jackson, D; Czuber-Dochan, W