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1-Oct-2017Safety, Risk and Aggression: Health Professionals Experiences of Caring for People affected by crystal methamphetamine (ICE) when presenting for Emergency CareJackson, DE; Usher, K; Woods, C; Sayers, J; Kornhaber, R; Cleary, M
Feb-2015Misunderstood as mothers: Women's stories of being hospitalised for illness in the post-partum periodPower, TJ; Jackson, DE; Carter, B; Weaver, R
2015Using appreciative inquiry to bring neonatal nurses and parents together to enhance family centred care: A collaborative workshopTrajkovski, S; Schmied, V; Vickers, M; Jackson, DE
6-Jan-2014Rating and Ranking the Role of Bibliometrics and Webometrics in Nursing and MidwiferyDavidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Ferguson, C; Daly, J; Elliott, D; Homer, CS; Duffield, CM; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014If it's posted, is it published? Intellectual property, conferences and social mediaFerguson, C; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Literature Review: Social networking for nurse education: Possibilities, perils and pitfallsGreen, JA; Wyllie, AM; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Mentoring: Some cautionary notes for the nursing professionGreen, JA; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Older Arab migrants in Australia: Between the hammer of prejudice and the anvil of social isolationAl Abed, NA; Hickman, L; Jackson, DE; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM
Jan-2014"Holes in my memories": A qualitative study of men affected by father absenceEast, L; Jackson, DE; Power, TJ; Woods, A; Hutchinson, M
Jan-2014Editorial: Interruptions and medication: Is 'Do not disturb' the answer?Hayes, C; Power, TJ; Davidson, PM; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Towards Gender-responsive, Trauma-informed Care for Substance Use Disorders and PTSD: Evidence to Inform Non-government Services in AustraliaDawson, A; Pritchard, C; Dean, S; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Electronic portfolios in nursing education: A review of the literatureGreen, JA; Wyllie, AM; Jackson, DE
2014Above all, 'do no harm': key considerations when including students as research participants in higher education settingsCleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, DE
2014Growing up without a father: Narratives from adult men (abstract)East, L; Jackson, DE; Power, T; Woods, A; Hutchinson, M
2014Qualitative Research: The Optimal Scholarly Means of Understanding the Patient ExperienceCleary, M; Escott, P; Horsfall, J; Walter, G; Jackson, DE
20-Feb-2013In pursuit of certainty: can the systematic review process deliver?Saltman, D; Jackson, DE; Newton, PJ; Davidson, PM
Jan-2013Understanding avoidant leadership in health care: findings from a secondary analysis of two qualitative studiesJackson, DE; Hutchinson, M; Peters, K; Luck, L; Saltman, D
Jan-2013Transformational leadership in nursing: towards a more critical interpretationHutchinson, M; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Making a difference with research: Measuring the impact of mental health researchCleary, M; Siegfried, N; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE
Jan-2013Personal resilience in nurses and midwives: Effects of a work-based educational interventionMcDonald, G; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L; Vickers, M