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2023-05-01Unlocking Lethal Dingo Management in AustraliaBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B; Smith, B
2023-01-01Agrifood systems knowledge exchange through Australia-Pacific circular migration schemesDavila, F; Dun, O; Farbotko, C; Jacobs, B; Klocker, N; Vueti, E; Kaumaitotoya, L; Birch, A; Kaoh, P; Pitakia, T; Tuʼitahi, S
2023-01-01Pathways to coexistence with dingoes across Australian farming landscapesBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B
2022-10-01Exploring adaptive capacity to phosphorus challenges through two United Kingdom river catchmentsLyon, C; Jacobs, B; Martin-Ortega, J; Rothwell, SA; Davies, L; Stoate, C; Forber, KJ; Doody, DG; Withers, PJA
2022-06-01Mapping agricultural vulnerability to impacts of climate events of Punjab, PakistanNadeem, F; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D
2022-05-31Assessing the impact of sporting mega-events on the social and physical capital of communities in host cities: the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games experienceFalla, M; Prior, J; Jacobs, B
2022-03-18Agrifood systems transformation through circular migration between Pacific island countries and AustraliaDavila Cisneros, F; Dun, O; Jacobs, B; Farbotko, C; Klocker, N
2022-01-01Pathways towards coexistence with large carnivores in production systemsBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B; Wallach, A; McManus, J; Stone, S; Stevenson, S; Smuts, B; Zaranek, H
2022Circular Economy Opportunities for the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector in AustraliaCunningham, R; Barclay, K; Jacobs, B; Sharpe, S; McClean, N
2021-04-01Social and market research on organic waste value chains in Sri LankaDominish, E; Hettiarachchi, K; Samarakoon, D; Esham, M; Winterford, K; Jacobs, B
2021-04-01Research Summary: Social and market research on organic waste value chains in Sri LankaDominish, E; Hettiarachchi, K; Samarakoon, D; Esham, M; Winterford, K; Jacobs, B
2021-02-20Adapting food systems to the twin challenges of phosphorus and climate vulnerability: the case of Sri LankaCordell, D; Dominish, E; Esham, M; Jacobs, B; Nanda, M
2021-01-28Navigating complex organisational change: putting sustainable transitions theory to practiceLewis, M; Schweitzer, J; Cunningham, R; Jacobs, B
2021-01-05Biodiversity revisited through systems thinkingDavila, F; Plant, R; Jacobs, B
2021-01-01Uncovering engagement networks for adaptation in three regional communities: Empirical examples from New South Wales, AustraliaCunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham, TG
2021Management of small irrigation tank cascade systems (STCS) in Sri Lanka: past, present and futureKekulandala, B; Jacobs, B; Cunningham, R
2020-10Cross-border medical travels from Cambodia: pathways to care, associated costs and equity implications.Liverani, M; Ir, P; Jacobs, B; Asante, A; Jan, S; Leang, S; Man, N; Hayen, A; Wiseman, V
2020-05Five pillars for stakeholder analyses in sustainability transformations: The global case of phosphorus.Lyon, C; Cordell, D; Jacobs, B; Martin-Ortega, J; Marshall, R; Camargo-Valero, MA; Sherry, E
2020-01-01Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation in Papua New GuineaJacobs, B; McKenna, K; Boronyak, L; Dem, F; Sui, S; Pomoh, K; Jimbudo, M; Maraia, H
2020Towards resolving the phosphorus chaos created by food systemsWithers, PJA; Forber, KG; Lyon, C; Rothwell, S; Doody, DG; Jarvie, HP; Martin-Ortega, J; Jacobs, B; Cordell, D; Patton, M; Camargo-Valero, MA; Cassidy, R