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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2018Online networks of racial hate: A systematic review of 10 years of research on cyber-racismBliuc, AM; Faulkner, N; Jakubowicz, A; McGarty, C
3-Jul-2018Stopped in flight: Shanghai and the Polish Jewish refugees of 1941Jakubowicz, A
1-Jan-2018Algorithms of hate: How the Internet facilitates the spread of racism and how public policy might help stem the impactJakubowicz, A
1-Jan-2018Stranger in a strange land: Reflections on my first fifty years in academiaJakubowicz, A
25-May-2017New Australian ways of knowing 'multiculturalism' in a period of rapid social change: When Ibn Khaldun engages Southern TheoryJakubowicz, A
1-Jan-2017Alt_Right white lite: Trolling, hate speech and cyber racism on social mediaJakubowicz, A
19-Sep-2014“Don’t mention it…”: what government wants to hear and why about multicultural AustraliaJakubowicz, A
20-Aug-2014Minority Youth and Social Transformation in Australia: Identities, Belonging and Cultural CapitalJakubowicz, A; Collins, J; Reid, C; Chafic, W
1-Jan-2014Minority youth and social transformation in Australia: Identities, belonging and cultural capitalJakubowicz, A; Collins, J; Reid, C; Chafic, W
1-Jan-2014Can multiculturalism encompass disability?Jakubowicz, A; Meekosha, H
1-Sep-2013The Polish Jews of Shanghai and the Political Sociology of Historical MemoryJakubowicz, A; Hądzelek, A
Jan-2013Addressing Diversity in Schools: Policies, Programs and Local RealitiesChodkiewicz, AK; Burridge, N; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013Conclusion: An Agenda for the Next DecadeJakubowicz, AH; Ho, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013Comparing Australian Multiculturalism: The International DimensionJakubowicz, AH; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013From Social Justice to Social Cohesion: A History of Australian Multicultural PolicyHo, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013The Realities of Australian MulticulturalismHo, C; Jakubowicz, AH; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013Racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Dunn, KM; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013Once Upon a Time in CabramattaJakubowicz, A
1-Dec-2011Chinese Walls: Australian Multiculturalism and the Necessity for Human RightsJakubowicz, A
1-Nov-2010The goldberg variations I: Assessing the academic quality of multidimensional linear texts and their re-emergence in multimedia publicationsJakubowicz, A; van Leeuwen, T