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2022-12-01A room temperature functioning ammonia sensor utilising a bis-phenylalanine naphthalene diimideAli, S; Jameel, MA; Gupta, A; Shafiei, M; Langford, SJ
2022-01-15Nanoporous naphthalene diimide surface enhances humidity and ammonia sensing at room temperatureAli, S; Jameel, MA; Harrison, CJ; Gupta, A; Shafiei, M; Langford, SJ
2021-12-20Enhancement in room temperature ammonia sensing properties of naphthalene diimides through core expansionAli, S; Jameel, MA; Oldham, G; Gupta, A; Shafiei, M; Langford, SJ
2021-11-15Enhanced Capacitive Humidity Sensing Performance at Room Temperature via Hydrogen Bonding of Cyanopyridone-Based Oligothiophene DonorAli, S; Jameel, MA; Harrison, CJ; Gupta, A; Evans, RA; Shafiei, M; Langford, SJ
2021-11-08Naphthalene diimide-based electron transport materials for perovskite solar cellsJameel, MA; Yang, TC-J; Wilson, GJ; Evans, RA; Gupta, A; Langford, SJ
2021-05-01Capacitive humidity sensing performance of naphthalene diimide derivatives at ambient temperatureAli, S; Jameel, MA; Gupta, A; Langford, SJ; Shafiei, M
2021-01-21Enhanced Photovoltaic Efficiency via Control of Self-Assembly in Cyanopyridone-Based Oligothiophene Donors.Hundal, AK; Ali, S; Agarwal, A; Jameel, MA; Jones, LA; Li, J-L; Evans, RA; Langford, SJ; Gupta, A
2020-01-01Impact of self-assembly on the photovoltaic properties of a small molecule oligothiophene donorHundal, AK; Agarwal, A; Jameel, MA; Ali, S; Chen, JY; Kaur, N; Jones, L; Li, JL; Langford, SJ; Gupta, A