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2020-10Sustainability and Heat Report for Western Sydney AerotropolisJazbec, M; McGee, C; James, G
2019-08-01Networks Renewed: Project Results and Lessons LearntJames, G; Alexander, D; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Nagrath, K; Dwyer, S
2019-04-01The Business Case for Behind the Meter Inverter Control for Regulating VoltageDwyer, S; Wyndham, J; Nagrath, K; James, G; McIntosh, L
2018-11-13Graph theory based topology design and energy routing control of the energy internetGuo, H; Wang, F; James, G; Zhang, L; Luo, J
2018-10-30Comparison of Dispatchable Renewable Electricity Options: Technologies for an orderly transitionLovegrove, K; James, G; Leitch, D; Milczarek, A; Ngo, A; Rutovitz, J; Watt, M; Wyder, J
2018-06-21A commercial model for regulating network voltage with customer invertersDwyer, S; James, G
2018-01-01The prospect for an australian-asian power grid: A critical appraisalHalawa, E; James, G; Shi, XR; Sari, NH; Nepal, R
2017-07-01Impacts of large scale wind power on power system transient stabilityYu, C; Xue, Y; James, G; Xue, F
2017-04-01A steampunk vision: prosumers and frequency controlJames, G
2017-03-01Storage requirements for reliable electricity in AustraliaRutovitz, J; James, G; Teske, S; Mpofu, S; Usher, J; Morris, T; Alexander, D
2017-02-08Networks Renewed: Technical AnalysisAlexander, D; Wyndham, J; James, G; McIntosh, L
2016-12-01Network Services from Distributed Solar PV and InvertersWyndham, J; James, G; McIntosh, L; Alexander, D; Egan, R; Passey, R
2016-09-14Towards 100% Renewable Energy for Kangaroo IslandDunstan, C; Fattal, A; James, G; Teske, S
2014-03-01Primary energy congestion of power systemsXue, Y; Cai, B; James, G; Dong, Z; Wen, F; Xue, F
2013-08-01Modeling and analysis of current harmonic distortion from grid connected PV inverters under different operating conditionsDu, Y; Lu, DDC; James, G; Cornforth, DJ
2012-02-01The Future of Renewables Linked by a Transnational Asian GridTaggart, S; James, G; Dong, Z; Russell, C
2011-12-01A study on the harmonic issues at CSIRO MicrogridDu, Y; Lu, DDC; Cornforth, D; James, G
2010-05-28Coordination of Distributed Energy Resource AgentsLi, J; Poulton, G; James, G
2010-02Partial Carbon Permits Allocation of Potential Emission Trading Scheme in Australian Electricity MarketXun Zhou; James, G; Liebman, A; Zhao Yang Dong; Ziser, C
2008-07-01Potential impact of emission trading schemes on the Australian National Electricity MarketZhou, X; Dong, Z; Liebman, A; James, G