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2022-01-01Can i trust you? incorporating supplier trustworthiness into supplier selection criteriaPrior, DD; Saberi, M; Janjua, NK; Jie, F
2019-06-01Proactive management of SLA violations by capturing relevant external events in a Cloud of Things environmentNawaz, F; Hussain, O; Hussain, FK; Janjua, NK; Saberi, M; Chang, E
2018-11-01An MCDM method for cloud service selection using a Markov chain and the best-worst methodNawaz, F; Asadabadi, MR; Janjua, NK; Hussain, OK; Chang, E; Saberi, M
2018-07-01Event-driven approach for predictive and proactive management of SLA violations in the Cloud of ThingsNawaz, F; Janjua, NK; Hussain, OK; Hussain, FK; Chang, E; Saberi, M
2015-01-01A user-based early warning service management framework in cloud computingHussain, OK; Zia-Ur-Rahman; Farookh, KH; Singh, J; Janjua, NK; Chang, E
2014-01-01Philosophical and logic-based argumentation-driven reasoning approaches and their realization on the WWW: A surveyJanjua, NK; Hussain, OK; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
2013-01-01Semantic information and knowledge integration through argumentative reasoning to support intelligent decision makingJanjua, NK; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK
2012-08-01Web@IDSS - Argumentation-enabled Web-based IDSS for reasoning over incomplete and conflicting informationJanjua, NK; Hussain, FK
2011-01-01Rule-based business policies specification, reasoning and integration for business process model extractionJanjua, NK; Hussain, FK
2011-01-01Defeasible reasoning based argumentative Web-IDSS for Virtual Teams (VTs)Janjua, NK; Hussain, FK