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2019-09-10Geographies of Food: The BA International Studies 25th Anniversary Cookbook, ed. Paul Allatson, Angela Giovanangeli and Emi Otsuji.Otsuji, E; Gavran, M; Groeneveld, S; Andersen, M; Jeffreys, E; Goodman, DSG; Vanni Accarigi, I; Maggiora de Iturralde, P; Fletcher, N; Sharp, L; Sheldon, M; Browitt, J; Donald, S; Harbon, L; Mikula, M; Giovanangeli, A; Loda, A; Allatson, P; Hurley, A; Barclay, K; Robert, J; Rodriguez, M; Leigh, B; McCormack, J; Manganas, N; Wyndham, M; Aponte Ortiz, L; Allatson, P; Giovanangeli, A; Otsuji, E
2019-03-01Celebrity philanthropy in China: Reconfiguring government and non-government roles in national developmentDeng, G; Jeffreys, E
2018-07-04Governing China’s Coal Challenge: Changing Public Policy, Debate and AdvocacyJeffreys, E; Xu, J
2018-07-03Curating philanthropy and socialist governance: the Chinese Charity museumJeffreys, E
2018-01-01Governing HIV in China: Commercial Sex, Homosexuality and Rural-to-urban MigrationJeffreys, E; Su, G
2018-01-01Celebrity philanthropy in China: Rethinking cultural studies’ ‘Big Citizen’ critiqueJeffreys, E
2018-01-01Public Policy and LGBT People and Activism in Mainland ChinaJeffreys, E; Lam, W
2018-01-01Pathways to Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in China and Taiwan: Globalization and “Chinese Values’Jeffreys, E; Wang, P; Winter, B; Forest, M; Senac, R
2017-07-28Entrepreneurs, celebrities and charitable foundations: Elite philanthropy in ChinaJeffreys, E
2017-04-30Understanding the Lei Feng Revival: Evidence from a Survey of Chinese StudentsJeffreys, E
2017-04-03Celebrity-inspired, Fan-driven: Doing Philanthropy through Social Media in Mainland ChinaJeffreys, E; Xu, J
2016-11-01Translocal celebrity activism: shark-protection campaigns in mainland ChinaJeffreys, E
2016-03-01Political celebrities and elite politics in contemporary ChinaJeffreys, E
2016-01-13Elite philanthropy in China and America: The disciplining and self-discipline of wealthJeffreys, E
2016-01-13New mentalities of government in China: An introductionBray, D; Jeffreys, E
2016-01-13Governing through Lei Feng: A Mao-era role model in reform-era ChinaJeffreys, E; Xuezhong, S
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy in China and the Zhang Ziyi ScandalJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy :AfterwordAllatson, P; Jeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2015-12-15On Celebrity PhilanthropyJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E; Allatson, P
2015-12-15Celebrity Philanthropy: An IntroductionJeffreys, E; Allatson, P; jeffreys, E; Allatson, P