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Jan-2013Care planning practices for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential aged care: A pilot of an education toolkit informed by the Aged Care Funding InstrumentJeon, Y; Govett, J; Low, L; Chenoweth, L; Mcneill, G; Hoolahan, A; Brodaty, H; O'Connor, D
Jan-2013The effectiveness of an aged care specific leadership and management program on workforce, work environment, and care quality outcomes: design of a cluster randomised controlled trialJeon, Y; Simpson, JM; Chenoweth, L; Cunich, M; Kendig, H
Jan-2012Validation Of The Environmental Audit Tool In Both Purpose-built And Non-purpose-built Dementia Care SettingsSmith, R; Fleming, R; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H
Jan-2012Implementing person-centered care in residential dementia careStein-Parbury, J; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Brodaty, H; Haas, MR; Norman, R
Jan-2012Staff outcomes from the Caring for Aged Dementia Care REsident Study (CADRES): A cluster randomised trialJeon, Y; Luscombe, G; Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H; King, MT; Haas, MR
Jan-2011Recommended Measures For The Assessment Of Behavioral Disturbances Associated With DementiaJeon, Y; Sansoni, J; Low, L; Chenoweth, L; Zapart, S; Sansoni, E; Marosszeky, N
Jan-2010Leadership and management in the aged care sector:A narrative synthesisJeon, Y; Merlyn, T; Chenoweth, L
Jan-2010A systematic review of what factors attract and retain nurses in aged and dementia careChenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Merlyn, T; Brodaty, H
Jan-2009Caring for Aged Dementia Care Resident Study (CADRES) of person-centred care, dementia-care mapping, and usual care in dementia: A cluster-randomised trialChenoweth, L; King, MT; Jeon, Y; Brodaty, H; Stein-Parbury, J; Norman, R; Haas, MR; Luscombe, G
Jan-2007An innovative model of an aged care hostel in the prison setting: Process of benchmarking and evaluationCashin, AJ; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Potter, E
Jan-2007Determining the efficacy of Dementia Care Mapping as an outcome measure and a process for change A pilot studyChenoweth, L; Jeon, Y
Jan-2007Dementia Outcomes Measurement Suite (DOMS) Project: Final ReportSansoni, J; Marosszeky, N; Jeon, Y; Chenoweth, L; Hawthorne, G; King, MT; Budge, M; Zapart, S; Sansoni, E; Senior, K; Kenny, PM; Low, L
Jan-2007The healthcare of older inmates in the correctional settingPotter, E; Cashin, AJ; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y
Jan-2007Factors influencing the use and provision of respite care services for older families of people with a severe mental illnessJeon, Y; Chenoweth, L; McIntosh, H
Jan-2007Working with a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) group of nursesJeon, Y; Chenoweth, L
Jan-2006Cultural competency and nursing care an Australian perspectiveChenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Goff, M; Burke, C
Jan-2005Respite care for caregivers and people with severe mental illness: literature reviewJeon, Y; Brodaty, H; Chesterson, J
Jan-2004Disability-specific preparation programme plays an important role in shaping students' attitudes towards disablement and patients with disabilitiesChenoweth, L; Pryor, J; Jeon, Y; Hall-Pullin, L
Jan-2004The application of grounded theory and symbolic interactionismJeon, Y
Jan-2004Shaping mutuality: Nurse-family caregiver interactions in caring for older people with depressionJeon, Y