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2022-01-01Influence of particle morphology and concentration on the piezoresistivity of cement-based sensors with magneto-aligned nickel fillersTian, Z; Li, Y; Li, S; Vute, S; Ji, J
2021-11-01Global dynamics of a controlled discontinuous diffusive SIR epidemic systemLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L; Guo, Z
2021-11Ultrahard bulk amorphous carbon from collapsed fullerene.Shang, Y; Liu, Z; Dong, J; Yao, M; Yang, Z; Li, Q; Zhai, C; Shen, F; Hou, X; Wang, L; Zhang, N; Zhang, W; Fu, R; Ji, J; Zhang, X; Lin, H; Fei, Y; Sundqvist, B; Wang, W; Liu, B
2021-08-01Fully Distributed Region-Reaching Control with Collision Avoidance for Multi-robot SystemsYu, J; Ji, J; Miao, Z; Zhou, J
2021-07-09Investigation of Dynamic Load Sharing Behavior for Herringbone Planetary Gears considering Multicoupling Manufacturing ErrorsRen, F; Ji, J; Luo, G; Zhao, S; Zhao, L; Shi, G; Wu, X; Wang, N
2021-07-01Synchronization control for networked mobile robot systems based on Udwadia–Kalaba approachWang, C; Ji, J; Miao, Z; Zhou, J
2021-06-15A comparative study of the dynamics of a three-disk dynamo system with and without time delayDeng, S; Ji, J; Wen, G; Xu, H
2021-06-01Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of a Reciprocating Compressor Using Mode Isolation Convolutional Deep Belief NetworksZhang, Y; Ji, J
2021-05-01Weighted bipartite containment motion of Lagrangian systems with impulsive cooperative–competitive interactionsZhao, L; Ji, J; Li, W; Bai, M
2021-02An innovative quasi-zero stiffness isolator with three pairs of oblique springsZhao, F; Ji, J; Ye, K; Luo, Q
2021-01-01An improved quasi-zero stiffness isolator with two pairs of oblique springs to increase isolation frequency bandZhao, F; Ji, J; Luo, Q; Cao, S; Chen, L; Du, W
2021-01-01Bipartite Consensus Control for a Swarm of RobotsLiu, J; Li, H; Ji, J; Luo, J
2021-01-01Recent Advances in Surface Manipulation Using Micro-contact Printing for Biomedical ApplicationsQiu, S; Ji, J; Sun, W; Pei, J; He, J; Li, Y; Li, JJ; Wang, G
2021-01-01Weighted coordinated motion for coupled harmonic oscillators with heterogeneous interactions of cooperation and competitionZhao, L; Ji, J; Bo, H; Lv, J
2021-01-01Weighted containment control for Lagrangian systems with heterogeneous interactions of cooperation and competitionZhao, L; Ji, J
2020-12-07A Variable Step Size Improved Multiband-Structured Subband Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Scheme for Hearing AidsPradhan, S; Qiu, X; Ji, J
2020-12-01Group-Bipartite Consensus in the Networks with Cooperative-Competitive InteractionsLiu, J; Li, H; Ji, J; Luo, J
2020-11-01Global dynamic behavior of a plant disease model with ratio dependent impulsive control strategyLi, W; Huang, L; Guo, Z; Ji, J
2020-10-01Dynamics of a controlled discontinuous computer worm systemLi, W; Ji, J; Huang, L
2020-09-23An analytical solution of Reynolds equation for evaluating the characteristics of surface textured bearingMao, Y; Jianxi, Y; Ji, J; Xu, W; Guo, Q