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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04-15Control of flexible single-link manipulators having Duffing oscillator dynamicsChen, B; Huang, J; Ji, JC
2018-08-01One-to-three resonant Hopf bifurcations of a maglev systemZhang, L; Ji, JC
2017-09-01Coexistence of two families of sub-harmonic resonances in a time-delayed nonlinear system at different forcing frequenciesJi, JC; Zhou, J
2017-05-01Periodic and Chaotic Motion of a Time-Delayed Nonlinear System under Two Coexisting Families of Additive ResonancesJi, JC; Brown, T
2016-01-01Steady-state response of fluid-structure interactions in hydraulic piping system of passive interconnected suspensionsZhao, J; Zhang, N; Ji, JC
2014-11-01Loss of super-harmonic resonances in a time-delayed nonlinear oscillatorJi, JC; Zhang, N
2014-01-01Secondary resonances of a quadratic nonlinear oscillator following two-to-one resonant Hopf bifurcationsJi, JC
2014-01-01Design of a nonlinear vibration absorber using three-to-one internal resonancesJi, JC
2013-01-01On the critical forcing amplitude of forced nonlinear oscillatorsFebbo, M; Ji, JC
2013-01-01Fast synchronization of directionally coupled chaotic systemsCheng, S; Ji, JC; Zhou, J
2012-12-01The effect of rolling speed and friction on cold rolling mill stabilityKim, YS; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Yuen, WYD
2012-07-18Application of a weakly nonlinear absorber to suppress the resonant vibrations of a forced nonlinear oscillatorJi, JC
2012-06-14Second-order consensus of multiple non-identical agents with non-linear protocolsChen, S; Ji, JC; Zhou, J
2012-01-01Two-to-one resonant hopf bifurcations in a quadratically nonlinear oscillator involving time delayJi, JC; Li, XY; Luo, Z; Zhang, N
2011-12-01Attenuation of primary resonance vibrations of a non-linear system using a non-linear vibration absorberJi, JC; Zhang, N
2011-09-01Suppression of super-harmonic resonance response using a linear vibration absorberJi, JC; Zhang, N
2011-09-01Infinite-time and finite-time synchronization of coupled harmonic oscillatorsCheng, S; Ji, JC; Zhou, J
2011-01-01Control of Non-Linear Vibrations using Three-to-One Internal ResonancesJi, JC; Zhang, N; Law, SS; Cheng, L; Xia, Y; Su, Z
2010-05-24Suppression of the primary resonance vibrations of a forced nonlinear system using a dynamic vibration absorberJi, JC; Zhang, N
2010-01-01Robust fuzzy control of an active magnetic bearing subject to voltage saturationDu, H; Zhang, N; Ji, JC; Gao, W