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2022-04ROR activation by Nobiletin enhances antitumor efficacy via suppression of IκB/NF-κB signaling in triple-negative breast cancerKim, E; Kim, Y-J; Ji, Z; Kang, JM; Wirianto, M; Paudel, KR; Smith, JA; Ono, K; Kim, J-A; Eckel-Mahan, K; Zhou, X; Lee, HK; Yoo, JY; Yoo, S-H; Chen, Z
2021-11-01MIP∗= REJi, Z; Natarajan, A; Vidick, T; Wright, J; Yuen, H
2021-01-01Low Mutual Coupling Design for 5G MIMO Antennas Using Multi-Feed Technology and Its Application on Metal-Rimmed Mobile PhonesJi, Z; Guo, Y; He, Y; Zhao, L; Huang, GL; Zhou, C; Zhang, Q; Lin, W
2020-10-26A three-player coherent state embezzlement gameJi, Z; Leung, D; Vidick, T
2020-01-01Bi2Se3@C Rod-like Architecture with Outstanding ElectrochemicalProperties in Lithium/Potassium-Ion BatteriesYang, T; Liu, J; Yang, D; Mao, Q; Zhong, J; Yuan, Y; Li, X; Zheng, X; Ji, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R
2019-09-01Classical verification of quantum proofsJi, Z
2019-06-23Quantum proof systems for iterated exponential time, and beyondFitzsimons, J; Ji, Z; Vidick, T; Yuen, H
2019-04-25Minimum entangling power is close to its maximumChen, J; Ji, Z; Kribs, DW; Zeng, B; Zhang, F
2019-02-12In-situ synthesis of Ni-Co-S nanoparticles embedded in novel carbon bowknots and flowers with pseudocapacitance-boosted lithium ion storageYang, T; Yang, D; Mao, Q; Liu, Y; Bao, L; Chen, Y; Xiong, Q; Ji, Z; Ling, CD; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R
2019-01-01The complexity-theoretic Bell inequalityJi, Z
2019-01-01General Linear Group Action on Tensors: A Candidate for Post-quantum CryptographyJi, Z; Qiao, Y; Song, F; Yun, A
2018-07-13Separability-entanglement classifier via machine learningLu, S; Huang, S; Li, K; Li, J; Chen, J; Lu, D; Ji, Z; Shen, Y; Zhou, D; Zeng, B
2018-01-01Pseudorandom quantum statesJi, Z; Liu, YK; Song, F
2017-09-01Sample-Optimal Tomography of Quantum StatesHaah, J; Harrow, AW; Ji, Z; Wu, X; Yu, N
2017-06-19Compression of qantum multi-prover interactive proofsJi, Z
2017-02-01Physical origins of ruled surfaces on the reduced density matrices geometryChen, JY; Ji, Z; Liu, ZX; Qi, X; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, D
2017-02-01Joint product numerical range and geometry of reduced density matricesChen, J; Guo, C; Ji, Z; Poon, YT; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, J
2017-01-09Quantum State Tomography via Reduced Density MatricesXin, T; Lu, D; Klassen, J; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Ma, X; Long, G; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
2016-12-14Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems for QMABroadbent, A; Ji, Z; Song, F; Watrous, J
2016-10-21Entanglement depth for symmetric statesChen, JY; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B