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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02An innovative quasi-zero stiffness isolator with three pairs of oblique springsZhao F; Ji J; Ye K; Luo Q
2020-05-01Delay-induced novel dynamics in a hexagonal centrifugal governor systemDeng S; Ji J; Wen G; Xu H
2020-03-01Bifurcations and dynamics of a plant disease system under non-smooth control strategyLi W; Ji J; Huang L; Wang J
2020-01-01Damping design of harmonically excited flexible structures with graded materials to minimize sound pressure and radiationAlfouneh M; Ji J; Luo Q
2020Semi-active noise control for a hermetic digital scroll compressorYe K; Ji J; Han S
2019-11-01Multistability in the Centrifugal Governor System under a Time-Delay Control StrategyDeng S; Ji J; Yin S; Wen G
2019-10Oscillation induced by Hopf bifurcation in the p53-Mdm2 feedback module.Gao C; Ji J; Yan F; Liu H
2019-09-15Periodic solution and its stability of a delayed Beddington-DeAngelis type predator-prey system with discontinuous control strategyLi W; Huang L; Ji J
2019-07-01Parameter identification of time-delayed nonlinear systems: An integrated method with adaptive noise correctionZhang X; Ji J; Xu J
2019-05-01Multi-objective region reaching control for a swarm of robotsMiao Z; Yu J; Ji J; Zhou J
2019-04-15Nonlinear vibration isolation for fluid-conveying pipes using quasi-zero stiffness characteristicsDing H; Ji J; Chen LQ
2019-03-14Neural network-based region reaching formation control for multi-robot systems in obstacle environmentYu J; Ji J; Miao Z; Zhou J
2019-01-01Practical stochastic synchronisation of coupled harmonic oscillators subjected to heterogeneous noises and its applications to electrical systemsWang G; Ji J; Zhou J