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2023-12-10Wastewater-based epidemiology of Campylobacter spp.: A systematic review and meta-analysis of influent, effluent, and removal of wastewater treatment plants.Zhang, S; Shi, J; Li, X; Tiwari, A; Gao, S; Zhou, X; Sun, X; O'Brien, JW; Coin, L; Hai, F; Jiang, G
2023-01-05Correlation between SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentration in wastewater and COVID-19 cases in community: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Li, X; Zhang, S; Sherchan, S; Orive, G; Lertxundi, U; Haramoto, E; Honda, R; Kumar, M; Arora, S; Kitajima, M; Jiang, G
2023-01-01Concrete Sewer Systems and Wastewater Processes Related to Concrete CorrosionJiang, G; Li, X; Song, Y
2023-01-01Mechanisms and Processes of Concrete Corrosion in SewersLi, X; Jiang, G; Grengg, C; Mittermayr, F
2023-01-01Characterization of Corrosion Microbial CommunitiesLi, X; Jiang, G
2023-01-01Surface Treatment for Corroding Concrete SewersLi, X; Jiang, G
2023-01-01Mathematical Modelling for the Concrete Corrosion of Sewer SystemsJiang, G; Liu, Y; Li, X; Sun, X
2023-01-01Controlling Environmental Factors of Microbiologically Influenced Concrete Corrosion in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Li, X; Song, Y; Keller, J
2023-01-01A Systematic Laboratory Testing of Concrete Corrosion Resistance in SewersJiang, G; Sun, X; Keller, J; Li, X; Song, Y; Schmid, M; Walenta, G
2023-01-01Testing of Sulfide Uptake Rate (SUR) and Its ApplicationsSun, X; Jiang, G; Keller, J; Bond, P; Li, X
2022-10Vertical outbreak of COVID-19 in high-rise buildings: The role of sewer stacks and prevention measures.Guo, Y; Li, X; Luby, S; Jiang, G
2022-08-01Lead time of early warning by wastewater surveillance for COVID-19: Geographical variations and impacting factors.Kumar, M; Jiang, G; Kumar Thakur, A; Chatterjee, S; Bhattacharya, T; Mohapatra, S; Chaminda, T; Kumar Tyagi, V; Vithanage, M; Bhattacharya, P; Nghiem, LD; Sarkar, D; Sonne, C; Mahlknecht, J
2022-06-30Artificial neural network-based estimation of COVID-19 case numbers and effective reproduction rate using wastewater-based epidemiology.Jiang, G; Wu, J; Weidhaas, J; Li, X; Chen, Y; Mueller, J; Li, J; Kumar, M; Zhou, X; Arora, S; Haramoto, E; Sherchan, S; Orive, G; Lertxundi, U; Honda, R; Kitajima, M; Jackson, G
2022-06-15SARS-CoV-2 shedding sources in wastewater and implications for wastewater-based epidemiology.Li, X; Kulandaivelu, J; Guo, Y; Zhang, S; Shi, J; O'Brien, J; Arora, S; Kumar, M; Sherchan, SP; Honda, R; Jackson, G; Luby, SP; Jiang, G
2022-04-07Successful application of wastewater-based epidemiology in prediction and monitoring of the second wave of COVID-19 with fragmented sewerage systems-a case study of Jaipur (India).Arora, S; Nag, A; Kalra, A; Sinha, V; Meena, E; Saxena, S; Sutaria, D; Kaur, M; Pamnani, T; Sharma, K; Saxena, S; Shrivastava, SK; Gupta, AB; Li, X; Jiang, G
2022-03-20Enhanced decay of coronaviruses in sewers with domestic wastewater.Shi, J; Li, X; Zhang, S; Sharma, E; Sivakumar, M; Sherchan, SP; Jiang, G
2022-02-01Corrosion mitigation by nitrite spray on corroded concrete in a real sewer system.Li, X; Johnson, I; Mueller, K; Wilkie, S; Hanzic, L; Bond, PL; O'Moore, L; Yuan, Z; Jiang, G
2022-02-01Analytical performance comparison of four SARS-CoV-2 RT-qPCR primer-probe sets for wastewater samples.Zhang, S; Li, X; Shi, J; Sivakumar, M; Luby, S; O'Brien, J; Jiang, G
2022-01SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens in municipal wastewater, landfill leachate, and solid waste: A review about virus surveillance, infectivity, and inactivation.Anand, U; Li, X; Sunita, K; Lokhandwala, S; Gautam, P; Suresh, S; Sarma, H; Vellingiri, B; Dey, A; Bontempi, E; Jiang, G
2021-12-17Manipulating cellular microRNAs and analyzing high-dimensional gene expression data using machine learning workflows.Saini, V; Joglekar, MV; Wong, WKM; Jiang, G; Nassif, NT; Simpson, AM; Ma, RCW; Dalgaard, LT; Hardikar, AA