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2022-12-20Efficient extraction of silica from openly burned rice husk ash as adsorbent for dye removalHaider, JB; Haque, MI; Hoque, M; Hossen, MM; Mottakin, M; Khaleque, MA; Johir, MAH; Zhou, JL; Ahmed, MB; Zargar, M
2022-11-28General Doping Chemistry of Carbon MaterialsAhmed, MB; Alom, J; Hasan, MS; Asaduzzaman, M; Rahman, MS; Hossen, R; Johir, MAH; Alam, MT; Zhou, JL; Zhu, Y; Zargar, M
2022-11-01Comparison of Membrane-Based Treatment Methods for the Removal of Micro-Pollutants from Reclaimed WaterDevaisy, S; Kandasamy, J; Nguyen, TV; Johir, MAH; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-08-14Effects of Viscosity on Submerged Membrane Microfiltration Systems.Pradhan, M; Johir, MAH; Kandasamy, J; Ratnaweera, H; Vigneswaran, S
2022-06-01Metals in e-waste: Occurrence, fate, impacts and remediation technologiesChakraborty, SC; Qamruzzaman, M; Zaman, MWU; Alam, MM; Hossain, MD; Pramanik, BK; Nguyen, LN; Nghiem, LD; Ahmed, MF; Zhou, JL; Mondal, MIH; Hossain, MA; Johir, MAH; Ahmed, MB; Sithi, JA; Zargar, M; Moni, MA
2022-05Metals extraction processes from electronic waste: constraints and opportunities.Chakraborty, SC; Zaman, MWU; Hoque, M; Qamruzzaman, M; Zaman, JU; Hossain, D; Pramanik, BK; Nguyen, LN; Nghiem, LD; Mofijur, M; Mondal, MIH; Sithi, JA; Shahriar, SMS; Johir, MAH; Ahmed, MB
2022-01-01Microalgae-based carbon capture and utilization: A critical review on current system developments and biomass utilizationNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Vu, HP; Johir, MAH; Labeeuw, L; Ralph, PJ; Mahlia, TMI; Pandey, A; Sirohi, R; Nghiem, LD
2021-10Simultaneous nutrient recovery and algal biomass production from anaerobically digested sludge centrate using a membrane photobioreactor.Vu, MT; Nguyen, LN; Mofijur, M; Johir, MAH; Ngo, HH; Mahlia, TMI; Nghiem, LD
2021-06-25Microplastic particles in the aquatic environment: A systematic review.Ahmed, MB; Rahman, MS; Alom, J; Hasan, MS; Johir, MAH; Mondal, MIH; Lee, D-Y; Park, J; Zhou, JL; Yoon, M-H
2021-06-01Integrated treatment of submerged membrane and adsorption using dried Aphanothece sp for removing cadmium from synthetic wastewaterSatya, A; Harimawan, A; Haryani, GS; Johir, MAH; Vigneswaran, S; Kurniawan, TA; Setiadi, T
2021-04-01Exploring shredded waste PET bottles as a biofilter media for improved on-site sanitationDorji, U; Tenzin, U; Dorji, P; Pathak, N; Johir, MAH; Volpin, F; Dorji, C; Chernicharo, CAL; Tijing, L; Shon, H; Phuntsho, S
2021-03-01Enhanced Removal of Nutrients, Heavy Metals, and PAH from Synthetic Stormwater by Incorporating Different Adsorbents into a Filter MediaEkanayake, D; Loganathan, P; Johir, MAH; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S
2021Fixed-bed adsorption performance and empirical modelingof cadmium removal using adsorbent prepared from the cyanobacterium Aphanothece sp cultivarSatya, A; Harimawan, A; Sri Haryani, G; Johir, MAH; Nguyen, LN; Nghiem, LD; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, HH; Setiadi, T
2020-12-01Zeolite synthesis from low-cost materials and environmental applications: A reviewKhaleque, A; Alam, MM; Hoque, M; Mondal, S; Haider, JB; Xu, B; Johir, MAH; Karmakar, AK; Zhou, JL; Ahmed, MB; Moni, MA
2020-12Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in soil and sediments: Occurrence, fate, remediation and future outlook.Ahmed, MB; Johir, MAH; McLaughlan, R; Nguyen, LN; Xu, B; Nghiem, LD
2020-11A comprehensive review on the framework to valorise lignocellulosic biomass as biorefinery feedstocks.Vu, HP; Nguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Johir, MAH; McLaughlan, R; Nghiem, LD
2020-10Biomethane production from anaerobic co-digestion and steel-making slag: A new waste-to-resource pathway.Truong, MV; Nguyen, LN; Li, K; Fu, Q; Johir, MAH; Fontana, A; Nghiem, LD
2020-09Derivation of volatile fatty acid from crop residues digestion using a rumen membrane bioreactor: A feasibility study.Nguyen, AQ; Nguyen, LN; Johir, MAH; Ngo, H-H; Chaves, AV; Nghiem, LD
2020-04-01Hybrid membrane distillation: Resource, nutrient and energy recoveryNaidu, G; Tijing, L; Johir, MAH; Shon, H; Vigneswaran, S
2020-04-01Advanced treatment technologies efficacies and mechanism of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances removal from waterAhmed, MB; Alam, MM; Zhou, JL; Xu, B; Johir, MAH; Karmakar, AK; Rahman, MS; Hossen, J; Hasan, ATMK; Moni, MA