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2023Submission in response to the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training’s inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education systemKnight, S; Heggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C; Ford, H; Hunter, J; Johns, A; Kitto, K; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Maher, D; Narayan, B
2022-10-17Toward Global Digital CitizenshipHarris, A; Walton, J; Johns, A; Caluya, G
2022-10-11Toward global digital citizenship: "Everyday" practices of young australians in a connected worldHarris, A; Walton, J; Johns, A; Caluya, G
2022-05-31Slipping to the Extreme: A Mixed Method to Explain How Extreme Opinions Infiltrate Online DiscussionsKong, Q; Booth, E; Bailo, F; Johns, A; Rizoiu, MA
2022-05-17Mapping and Review of Resources for, and Needs of Vulnerable and Marginalised Young People in the Asia Pacific Region on Digital Literacy, Safety and ParticipationJohns, A; Byron, P; Cheong, N; Yulius, H; Affifi, N
2021-10-01“Are We Becoming the Kind of Nation That Just Blocks Out All Criticism?”: Negotiating the Gap Between Digital Citizenship Education and Young People’s Everyday Digital Citizenship Practices in MalaysiaJohns, A
2021-01-01"Are We Becoming the Kind of Nation That Just Blocks Out All Criticism?": Negotiating the Gap Between Digital Citizenship Education and Young People's Everyday Digital Citizenship Practices in MalaysiaJohns, A
2021-01-01The affective pressures of WhatsApp: from safe spaces to conspiratorial publicsJohns, A; Cheong, N
2020-10-05‘PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS’: COMMENTING CULTURES ACROSS PLATFORMSAbidin, C; Van der Nagel, E; Johns, A; Bailo, F; Rodriguez, A; Valdovinos-Kaye, B; Wikstrom, P; Gerrard, Y; Leaver, T
2020-02MCL-1 antagonism enhances the anti-invasive effects of dasatinib in pancreatic adenocarcinoma.Castillo, L; Young, AIJ; Mawson, A; Schafranek, P; Steinmann, AM; Nessem, D; Parkin, A; Johns, A; Chou, A; Law, AMK; Lucas, MC; Murphy, KJ; Deng, N; Gallego-Ortega, D; Caldon, CE; Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative (APGI); Timpson, P; Pajic, M; Ormandy, CJ; Oakes, SR
2020-01-05Introduction: Ten years of WhatsApp: The role of chat apps in the formation and mobilization of online publicsBaulch, E; Matamoros-Fernández, A; Johns, A
2020-01-05'This will be the WhatsApp election': Crypto-publics and digital citizenship in Malaysia's GE14 electionJohns, A
2020-01-01Youth, social cohesion and digital life: From risk and resilience to a global digital citizenship approachHarris, A; Johns, A
2017-10-11Critical global citizenship: contextualising citizenship and globalisationMansouri, F; Johns, A; Marotta, V
2017-05-04Flagging White Nationalism ‘After Cronulla’: From the Beach to the NetJohns, A
2017-05-04After Cronulla: ‘Where the Bloody Hell Are We Now?’Johns, A; Noble, G; Harris, A
2017-03-01Examining islamic religiosity and civic engagement in MelbourneVergani, M; Johns, A; Lobo, M; Mansouri, F
2017-03-01Social networks and perceptions of intergenerational difference among migrant youth in AustraliaMansouri, F; Johns, A
2017-03Collaborative Partnerships and Gatekeepers in Online Research Recruitment.Rattani, A; Johns, A
2016-07-02Grounding Religiosity in Urban Space: insights from multicultural MelbourneMansouri, F; Lobo, M; Johns, A