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2023-07-14Aromatic long chain cations of amphiphilic ionic liquids permeabilise the inner mitochondrial membrane and induce mitochondrial dysfunction at cytotoxic concentrationsDuman, MN; Angeloski, A; Johnson, MS; Rawling, T
2022-05-17A Cyanobacteria Enriched Layer of Shark Bay Stromatolites Reveals a New Acaryochloris Strain Living in Near Infrared Light.Johnson, MS; Burns, BP; Herdean, A; Angeloski, A; Ralph, P; Morris, T; Kindler, G; Wong, HL; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Sedger, LM; Larkum, AWD
2021-12-21Analysis insights for three FRET pairs of chemically unlinked two-molecule FRET cytometry.Ni, Z; Gale, A; Johnson, MS; Sedger, LM
2021-09β-Methylamino-L-alanine-induced protein aggregation in vitro and protection by L-serine.Quinn, AW; Phillips, CR; Violi, JP; Steele, JR; Johnson, MS; Westerhausen, MT; Rodgers, KJ
2021-02-12A multi-colour confocal microscopy method for identifying and enumerating macrophage subtypes and adherent cells in the stromal vascular fraction of human adipose.Dey, A; Ni, Z; Johnson, MS; Sedger, LM
2019-12-01Vibrio cholerae residing in food vacuoles expelled by protozoa are more infectious in vivoEspinoza-Vergara, G; Noorian, P; Silva-Valenzuela, CA; Raymond, BBA; Allen, C; Hoque, MM; Sun, S; Johnson, MS; Pernice, M; Kjelleberg, S; Djordjevic, SP; Labbate, M; Camilli, A; McDougald, D
2017-02-06Microparticles shed from multidrug resistant breast cancer cells provide a parallel survival pathway through immune evasionJaiswal, R; Johnson, MS; Pokharel, D; Krishnan, SR; Bebawy, M
2016-06-01Live-cell imaging to detect phosphatidylserine externalization in brain endothelial cells exposed to ionizing radiation: Implications for the treatment of brain arteriovenous malformationsZhao, Z; Johnson, MS; Chen, B; Grace, M; Ukath, J; Lee, VS; McRobb, LS; Sedger, LM; Stoodley, MA
2015-11-15Carcinogenic liver fluke secretes extracellular vesicles that promote cholangiocytes to adopt a tumorigenic phenotypeChaiyadet, S; Sotillo, J; Smout, M; Cantacessi, C; Jones, MK; Johnson, MS; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Potriquet, J; Laohaviroj, M; Mulvenna, J; Brindley, PJ; Bethony, JM; Laha, T; Sripa, B; Loukas, A
2015-01-01Carcinogenic Parasite Secretes Growth Factor That Accelerates Wound Healing and Potentially Promotes NeoplasiaSmout, MJ; Sotillo, J; Laha, T; Papatpremsiri, A; Rinaldi, G; Pimenta, RN; Chan, LY; Johnson, MS; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Giacomin, PR; Moran, CS; Golledge, J; Daly, N; Sripa, B; Mulvenna, JP; Brindley, PJ; Loukas, A
2012-11-01Atomic force and super-resolution microscopy support a role for LapA as a cell-surface biofilm adhesin of Pseudomonas fluorescensIvanov, IE; Boyd, CD; Newell, PD; Schwartz, ME; Turnbull, L; Johnson, MS; Whitchurch, CB; O'Toole, GA; Camesano, TA
-Photosynthesis in a green alga (zoochlorella), Chlorella cf. vulgaris in the soft coral Sarcophyton sp.Ritchie, RJ; Sma-Air, S; Johnson, MS; Murray, SA; Nguyen, A; Larkum, AWD; Dummee, V