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2015Terroir and timespace: Body rhythms in winemakingJohnsson, MC; Green, B
2014Re-organizing public sector work: Conditions for innovating-in-practiceJohnsson, MC; Price, OM; Manidis, M
2013Practitioner Meets Philosopher: Bakhtinian musings on learning with PaulJohnsson, MC
27-Feb-2012Learning in-between, across and beyond workplace boundariesJohnsson, MC; Boud, D; Solomon, N
1-Jan-2012Learning Organizational Practices That Persist, Perpetuate and Change: A Schatzkian ViewPrice, OM; Johnsson, MC; Scheeres, H; Boud, D; Solomon, N
Jan-2012Collective learning practiceHager, P; Johnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
Jan-2012Sensing the tempo-rhythm of practice: The dynamics of engagementJohnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
1-May-2010Towards an emergent view of learning workJohnsson, MC; Boud, D
Jan-2009Through the practice looking glass: Re-viewing workers as practitionersPrice, O; Johnsson, MC; Beaumont, N
Jan-2009A MacIntyrian perspective on organisational learningHalliday, J; Johnsson, MC
Jan-2009Working outside the comfort of competence in a corrections centre: toward collective competenceHager, P; Johnsson, MC
Jan-2009Learning to become a professional orchestral musician: going beyond skill and techniqueHager, P; Johnsson, MC
2009A relational re-view of collective learning : concerts, condiments and correctionsJohnsson, MC
22-Oct-2008Navigating the wilderness of becoming professionalJohnsson, MC; Hager, P
Jan-2007Navigating the wilderness of becoming professionalJohnsson, MC; Hager, P; None
Jan-2006Internal versus external goods - a useful distinction for understanding productive workplace learningJohnsson, MC; Tuhwai Smith, L; Zhong, Y; Kalantzis, M; Vicker, M
Jan-2005Judgements as a basis for informal workplace learning - preliminary research findingsJohnsson, MC; Athanasou, J; Hager, P; Hager, P; Hawke, G