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2020-12-01Evaluation of Information Comprehension in Concurrent Speech-based DesignsFazal, MAU; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2020-10-01Investigating efficient speech-based information communication: a comparison between the high-rate and the concurrent playback designsAbu ul Fazal, M; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2020-01Ongoing improvements in postoperative survival of glioblastoma in the temozolomide era: a population-based data linkage study.Johnston, A; Creighton, N; Parkinson, J; Koh, E-S; Wheeler, H; Hovey, E; Rodriguez, M; Currow, DC
2020Immerse: Game Engines for Audio-Visual Art in the Future of Ubiquitous Mixed RealityHughes, M; Garcia, J; Wilcox, F; Sazdov, R; Johnston, A; Bluff, A
2019-11-17Hybrid animation production and the dream of flightRippingale, S; Johnston, A; Bluff, A
2019-09-01Risk of emergency hospitalisation and survival outcomes following adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer in New South Wales, AustraliaTervonen, HE; Chen, TYT; Lin, E; Boyle, FM; Moylan, EJ; Della-Fiorentina, SA; Beith, J; Johnston, A; Currow, DC
2019-08-01Off-lining to tape is not archiving: Why we need real archiving to support media archaeology and ensure our visual effects legacy thrivesSamaras, E; Johnston, A
2019-07-28Off-lining to tape is not archiving: Why we need real archiving to support media archaeology and ensure our visual effects legacy thrivesSamaras, E; Johnston, A
2019-06-18Devising interactive theatre: Trajectories of production with complex Bespoke technologiesBluff, A; Johnston, A
2019-04-06Vinfomize: A framework for multiple voice-based information communicationAbu Ul Fazal, M; Karim, S; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2019-03-04The relationship between breadth of previous academic study and engineering students' performanceLowe, D; Johnston, A; Wilkinson, T; Machet, T
2019-01-01Diversity and gender enrolment patterns in an undergraduate engineering programLowe, D; Machet, T; Wilkinson, T; Johnston, A
2018-09-12Investigating concurrent speech-based designs for information communicationAbu Ul Fazal, M; Ferguson, S; Johnston, A
2018-09-11Impact of Virtual Environments on Motivation and Engagement during ExergamesSchmidt, S; Ehrenbrink, P; Weiss, B; Voigt-Antons, JN; Kojic, T; Johnston, A; Moller, S
2018-04-25Fleeting Film: Using Story to Seek Archival Permanence in the Transitory and Globalized Digital Visual Effects IndustrySamaras, E; Johnston, A
2018-03-01Interaction, Narrative and Animation in Live TheatreBluff, A; Johnston, A; Clarkson, D
2018-01-01Collaborative Creation in Interactive TheatreJohnston, A; Bluff, A
2018-01-01Concurrent voice-based multiple information communication: A study report of profile-based users' interactionUl Fazal, MA; Ferguson, S; Karim, MS; Johnston, A
2017-08-01Creature:Interactions: A social mixed-reality playspaceBluff, A; Johnston, A
2017-07-30Creature:Interactions: A Social Mixed-reality PlayspaceBluff, A; Johnston, A