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2023-11-01Digital History: STATE OF THE FIELD REVIEW ESSAYPiper, A; Jones, M
2023-07The type and extent of travel for professional footballers undertaking national team duties for a national football federation.Clements, E; Ehrmann, F; Clark, A; Jones, M; Lu, D; Duffield, R
2023-07Where are We Headed? Evidence to Inform Future Football Heading Guidelines.Peek, K; Duffield, R; Cairns, R; Jones, M; Meyer, T; McCall, A; Oxenham, V
2023-03-01Travel Across More Time Zones Results in Worse Perceived Fatigue and Sleep in National-Team Footballers.Clements, E; Ehrmann, F; Clark, A; Jones, M; McCall, A; Duffield, R
2022-11Where are we headed? Evidence to inform future heading guidelinesPeek, K; Duffield, R; Cairns, R; Jones, M; Oxenham, V
2022-09-17Lidcombe Program translation to community clinics in Australia and England.O'Brian, S; Hayhow, R; Jones, M; Packman, A; Iverach, L; Onslow, M; Menzies, R
2022-07The relationship between team-level and league-level injury rate, type and location in a professional football league.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duffield, R
2022-06-23The complexity of stuttering behavior in adults and adolescents: Relationship to age, severity, mental health, impact of stuttering, and behavioral treatment outcome.O'Brian, S; Jones, M; Packman, A; Onslow, M; Menzies, R; Lowe, R; Cream, A; Hearne, A; Hewat, S; Harrison, E; Block, S; Briem, A
2022-04-01White matter connectivity in neonates at risk of stuttering: Preliminary dataPackman, A; Onslow, M; Lagopoulos, J; Shan, ZY; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Sommer, M
2022-03-08Comparison of stuttering severity and anxiety during standard and challenge phone callsO'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Jones, M; Lowe, R; Packman, A; Menzies, R
2021-12Perceived load, fatigue and recovery responses during congested and non-congested micro-cycles in international football tournaments.Noor, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duncan, C; Ehrmann, F; Meyer, T; Duffield, R
2021-04-27Psychological characteristics of early stutteringPark, V; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, RG; Block, S; Wilson, L; Harrison, E; Hewat, S
2020-11-29Predictors of Lidcombe Program treatment dropout and outcome for early stuttering.Park, V; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; Jones, M; O'Brian, S; Packman, A; Menzies, R; Block, S; Wilson, L; Harrison, E; Hewat, S
2020-11-26The financial and performance cost of injuries to teams in Australian professional soccer.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Steinweg, J; Gelis, L; Fransen, J; Duffield, R
2020-11It is feasible to flag 'near end-of-life' status in older patients from routine general practice data.Cardona, M; Williamson, M; Jones, M; Ní Chróinín, D; Gullotta, J; Hillman, K; Lewis, ET; Morgan, M
2020-10Verbal contingencies in the Lidcombe Program: A noninferiority trialDonaghy, M; O'Brian, S; Onslow, M; Lowe, R; Jones, M; Menzies, RG
2020-02-28Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Supervised Exercise Training in Men with Prostate Cancer Previously Treated with Radiation Therapy and Androgen-Deprivation Therapy.Edmunds, K; Reeves, P; Scuffham, P; Galvão, DA; Newton, RU; Jones, M; Spry, N; Taaffe, DR; Joseph, D; Chambers, SK; Tuffaha, H
2020-02-17The association between community mental health nursing and hospital admissions for people with serious mental illness: a systematic review.Leach, MJ; Jones, M; Bressington, D; Jones, A; Nolan, F; Muyambi, K; Gillam, M; Gray, R
2020-01-24Injury epidemiology in Australian male professional soccer.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Kovalchik, S; Steinweg, J; Gelis, L; Duffield, R
2020-01-21Availability and quality of publicly available health workforce data sources in Australia: a scoping review protocol.Gillam, M; Leach, M; Muller, J; Gonzalez-Chica, D; Jones, M; Muyambi, K; Walsh, S; May, E