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2023-12-02The shame of sexual violence towards women in rural areas.Jones, R; Usher, K; Rice, K; Morley, L; Durkin, J
2023-11-13Comparative Psychometric Performance of Common Generic Paediatric Health-Related Quality of Life Instrument Descriptive Systems: Results from the Australian Paediatric Multi-Instrument Comparison Study.Jones, R; O'Loughlin, R; Xiong, X; Bahrampour, M; Devlin, N; Hiscock, H; Chen, G; Mulhern, B; Dalziel, K; Quality of Life in Kids: Key Evidence to Strengthen Decisions in Australia (QUOKKA) Project Team,
2023-10Technology-facilitated sexual abuse and mental health: What mental health nurses and mental health professionals need to know.Usher, K; Jones, R; Rice, K; Jackson, D
2023-10Domestic violence against women has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic: A perspective paper about the need for change to current and future practice.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Fatema, SR; Jones, R
2023-09-07First responder mental health, traumatic events and rural and remote experience.Jones, R; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2023-06Social issues, crisis, and care coordination: First responders experience responding to people affected by methamphetamines.Jones, R; Jackson, D; Woods, C; Usher, K
2023-01-01Health-seeking behavior of female sex workers: a systematic reviewRazu, SR; Usher, K; Jones, R; Islam, MS
2023Preventative health assessments and indigenous people of Australia: a scoping review.Usher, K; Jackson, D; Kabir, H; Jones, R; Miller, J; Peake, R; Smallwood, R
2022-12-01PCR263 What Does the EQ-5D-Y-5L Measure in Comparison to Other Generic Paediatric Health Related Quality of Life Instruments?Bahrampour, M; Jones, R; Devlin, N; Dalziel, K; Mulhern, B
2022-12-01PCR62 The Australian Paediatric Multi-Instrument Comparison (P-MIC) Study: Data Quality, Feasibility, Acceptability, and Construct Validity of the EQ-5D-Y-3L, EQ-5D-Y5L, CHU9D, PedsQL, HUI, PROMIS-25 and AQoL-6DJones, R; Mulhern, B; Devlin, N; O’Loughlin, R; Xiong, X; Bahrampour, M; McGregor, K; Yip, S; Hiscock, H; Dalziel, K
2021-08-20Psychometric Performance of HRQoL Measures: An Australian Paediatric Multi-Instrument Comparison Study Protocol (P-MIC).Jones, R; Mulhern, B; McGregor, K; Yip, S; O'Loughlin, R; Devlin, N; Hiscock, H; Dalziel, K; On Behalf Of The Quality Of Life In Kids Key Evidence To Strengthen Decisions In Australia Quokka Project Team,
2021Methamphetamines: Cross sectional-survey exploring police and paramedic attitudes and perceptions of deservingness of care.Jones, R; Woods, C; Usher, K
2020-07-01Southern Ocean carbon sink enhanced by sea-ice feedbacks at the Antarctic Cold ReversalFogwill, CJ; Turney, CSM; Menviel, L; Baker, A; Weber, ME; Ellis, B; Thomas, ZA; Golledge, NR; Etheridge, D; Rubino, M; Thornton, DP; van Ommen, TD; Moy, AD; Curran, MAJ; Davies, S; Bird, MI; Munksgaard, NC; Rootes, CM; Millman, H; Vohra, J; Rivera, A; Mackintosh, A; Pike, J; Hall, IR; Bagshaw, EA; Rainsley, E; Bronk-Ramsey, C; Montenari, M; Cage, AG; Harris, MRP; Jones, R; Power, A; Love, J; Young, J; Weyrich, LS; Cooper, A
2020-06The impact of media sensationalism and crisis framing on stigma and negative attitudes towards methamphetamine users.Jones, R; Woods, C; Usher, K
2019-12Crystal methamphetamine's impact on frontline emergency services in Victoria, Australia.Jones, R; Usher, K; Woods, C
2019-10Nurse-led postdischarge telephone follow-up calls: A mixed study systematic review.Woods, CE; Jones, R; O'Shea, E; Grist, E; Wiggers, J; Usher, K
2019-08Patterns and features of methamphetamine-related presentations to emergency departments in QLD from 2005 to 2017.Jones, R; Woods, C; Barker, R; Usher, K
2019-03The impact of unintentional alcohol-related falls on emergency departments.Woods, C; Jones, R; Usher, K
2018-07Rates and features of methamphetamine-related presentations to emergency departments: An integrative literature review.Jones, R; Woods, C; Usher, K
2018-03-01A new daily observational record from Grytviken, South Georgia: Exploring twentieth-century extremes in the South AtlanticThomas, Z; Turney, C; Allan, R; Colwell, S; Kelly, G; Lister, D; Jones, P; Beswick, M; Alexander, L; Lippmann, T; Herold, N; Jones, R