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2023-05Does Strategic Deviation Influence Firms’ Use of Supplier Finance?Charlene Chen, X; Jones, S; Monzur Hasan, M; Zhao, R; Alam, N
2023-03Progressive pulmonary fibrosis: an expert group consensus statement.Rajan, SK; Cottin, V; Dhar, R; Danoff, S; Flaherty, KR; Brown, KK; Mohan, A; Renzoni, E; Mohan, M; Udwadia, Z; Shenoy, P; Currow, D; Devraj, A; Jankharia, B; Kulshrestha, R; Jones, S; Ravaglia, C; Quadrelli, S; Iyer, R; Dhooria, S; Kolb, M; Wells, AU
2023-01Men's perceptions and preferences regarding prostate cancer radiation therapy: A systematic scoping review.Brown, A; Yim, J; Jones, S; Tan, A; Callander, E; Watt, K; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Pain, T
2022-05-10Examining the Content and Outcomes of Training in Dysphagia and Mealtime Management: A Systematic Review Informing Co-Design of New Training.Reddacliff, C; Hemsley, B; Smith, R; Dalton, S; Jones, S; Fitzpatrick, A; Given, F; Kelly, J; Lawson, X; Darcy, S; Debono, D; Benfer, K; Balandin, S
2022-04-06Health preference research: An overview for medical radiation sciencesBrown, A; Jones, S; Yim, J
2021-02-27Marray (Wet)Jones, S; Hromek, D
2019-07-01Evaluation of a telehealth psychological support intervention for people with primary brain tumour and their family members: Study protocol for a randomised controlled trialOwnsworth, T; Chambers, S; Aitken, JF; Foote, M; Pinkham, MB; Gordon, LG; Lock, G; Hanley, B; Gardner, T; Jones, S; Robertson, J; Shum, D; Conlon, E
2017-03-04Implementing and investigating distributed leadership in a national university network–SaMnetSharma, MD; Rifkin, W; Tzioumis, V; Hill, M; Johnson, E; Varsavsky, C; Jones, S; Beames, S; Crampton, A; Zadnik, M; Pyke, S
2017-03-04Demonstrating the impact of a distributed leadership approach in higher educationJones, S; Harvey, M; Hamilton, J; Bevacqua, J; Egea, K; McKenzie, J
2015-01-01The ocean sampling day consortiumKopf, A; Bicak, M; Kottmann, R; Schnetzer, J; Kostadinov, I; Lehmann, K; Fernandez-Guerra, A; Jeanthon, C; Rahav, E; Ullrich, M; Wichels, A; Gerdts, G; Polymenakou, P; Kotoulas, G; Siam, R; Abdallah, RZ; Sonnenschein, EC; Cariou, T; O'Gara, F; Jackson, S; Orlic, S; Steinke, M; Busch, J; Duarte, B; Caçador, I; Canning-Clode, J; Bobrova, O; Marteinsson, V; Reynisson, E; Loureiro, CM; Luna, GM; Quero, GM; Löscher, CR; Kremp, A; DeLorenzo, ME; Øvreås, L; Tolman, J; LaRoche, J; Penna, A; Frischer, M; Davis, T; Katherine, B; Meyer, CP; Ramos, S; Magalhães, C; Jude-Lemeilleur, F; Aguirre-Macedo, ML; Wang, S; Poulton, N; Jones, S; Collin, R; Fuhrman, JA; Conan, P; Alonso, C; Stambler, N; Goodwin, K; Yakimov, MM; Baltar, F; Bodrossy, L; Van De Kamp, J; Frampton, DMF; Ostrowski, M; Van Ruth, P; Malthouse, P; Claus, S; Deneudt, K; Mortelmans, J; Pitois, S; Wallom, D; Salter, I; Costa, R; Schroeder, DC; Kandil, MM; Amaral, V; Biancalana, F; Santana, R; Pedrotti, ML; Yoshida, T; Ogata, H; Ingleton, T; Munnik, K; Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, N; Berteaux-Lecellier, V; Wecker, P; Cancio, I; Vaulot, D; Bienhold, C; Ghazal, H; Chaouni, B; Essayeh, S; Ettamimi, S; Zaid, EH; Boukhatem, N; Bouali, A; Chahboune, R; Barrijal, S; Timinouni, M; El Otmani, F; Bennani, M; Mea, M
2013-02-01Nursing Interventions for Improving Nutritional Status and Outcomes of Stroke Patients: Descriptive Reviews of Processes and OutcomesPerry, L; Hamilton, S; Williams, J; Jones, S
2012-09-01Infrastructure asset reporting options: A stated preference experimentJones, S; Hensher, DA; Rose, J; Walker, RG
2012-06-01How children's rights are constructed in family-centred care: A review of the literatureKelly, M; Jones, S; Wilson, V; Lewis, P
2010-01AusCover CALVAL: Coordinating Australian activities in calibration and validationJones, S; Malthus, TJ; Held, A; Reinke, K; Farmer, E; Devadas, R; Kunkee, D; Gamba, P
2008-12-01Making something of it: One ward's application of evidence into practiceHooke, N; Lewis, P; Kelly, M; Wilson, V; Jones, S
2007-01Recognising and Enabling Clinician-led Quality Improvement Initiatives: the Spinal Pressure Pressure Care ClinicLee, BB; Iedema, RA; Jones, S; Marial, O; Braithwaite, J; Long, D
2007-01What did they say? How children, families and nurses experience 'care'Lewis, P; Kelly, M; Wilson, V; Jones, S
2006Synthetics : an archaeology of the electronic arts in Australia, 1956-1975Jones, S
2003-01-01Application of new condition monitoring technologies in the electricity transmission industryKingsmill, A; Jones, S; Zhu, J
2002Applications of NSW condition monitoring technologies in the electricity transmission industryKingsmill, A; Jones, S; Zhu, J; Zahedi A