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1-Oct-2017Found poetry as literary cartography: Mapping Australia with prose poemsJoseph, SA
30-Apr-2017The Essay as Polemical Performance: ‘salted genitalia’ and the ‘gender card’Joseph, SA
1-Jan-2017Embedding, embellishing and embarrassing: Brian Williams ‘misremembers’ but social media reminds himJoseph, SA; Rickett, C
1-Jan-2017Guiding life writers: The supervision of creative doctoral work interrogating personal traumaJoseph, SA; Latona, F
1-Oct-2016Behind the Text: Candid Conversations with Australian Creative Nonfiction WritersJoseph, SA
1-Jan-2016The Empathetic Profiler and Ethics: Trauma Narrative As AdvocacyJoseph, SA; Joseph, SA; Keeble, RL
1-Jan-2016AUSTRALIAN LITERARY JOURNALISM AND ‘MISSING VOICES’: how Helen Garner finally resolves this recurring ethical tensionJoseph, SA
2016Harmer, Humor and the Hoopla: In the Vanguard of Australian Female ComedyJoseph, SA; Swick, D; Keeble, RL
2016The exegesis, autoethnography and the ethical management of enactive practiceJoseph, SA; Kroll, J; Melrose, A; Webb, J
1-Dec-2015Literary journalism: looking beyond the Anglo-American traditionJoseph, SA; Rickeston, M; Joseph, SA
1-Apr-2015Preferring ‘dirty’ to ‘literary’ journalism: in Australia, Margaret Simons challenges the jargon while producing the textsJoseph, SA
1-Mar-2015Margaret Simons: secret women’s business on Hindmarsh IslandJoseph, SA
1-Jan-2015Perspectives: Writing and supervising trauma narrative in tertiary studiesJoseph, SA; Latona, F; Pittaway, G; Smithies, L
2015Profiling the DeadDale, AJ; Joseph, SA; Keeble, RL
1-Dec-2014Voices from Australia’s vibrant tertiary communityJoseph, SA; Joseph, SA
1-Dec-2014Voices from Australia's Vibrant Tertiary CommunityJoseph, SA
1-Jan-2014Australia’s First Female Prime Minister and Gender PoliticsJoseph, SA
1-Jan-2014The exegesis, auto-ethnography and the ethical management of reflective practice in a tertiary settingJoseph, SA
1-Jan-2014‘No News Today’: 24/7 fatigue and the welcome gaps in reporting storylines.Joseph, SA; Rickett, C; Pittaway, G; Smithies, L
Jan-2014Contextualising Creative Practice within Human Research Ethics ProcessesJoseph, SA