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2023-03-10Strategic challenges of deploying LARG approach for sustainable manufacturing: research implications from Indian SMEsJoshi, S; Sharma, M
2023-03-10Overcoming barriers to circular economy implementation in the oil & gas industry: Environmental and social implicationsSharma, M; Joshi, S; Prasad, M; Bartwal, S
2022-12-30Challenges to Agile Project Management during COVID-19 pandemic: An emerging economy perspectiveJoshi, S
2022-12-01Sustainable Performance through Digital Supply Chains in Industry 4.0 Era: Amidst the Pandemic ExperienceJoshi, S; Sharma, M
2022-11-21Digital humanitarianism and crisis management: an empirical study of antecedents and consequencesKumar, A; Joshi, S; Sharma, M; Vishvakarma, N
2022-11-01Enhancing supply chain performance using RFID technology and decision support systems in the industry 4.0–A systematic literature reviewUnhelkar, B; Joshi, S; Sharma, M; Prakash, S; Mani, AK; Prasad, M
2022-09-23Impact of Digital Assistant Attributes on Millennials' Purchasing Intentions: A Multi-Group Analysis using PLS-SEM, Artificial Neural Network and fsQCA.Sharma, M; Joshi, S; Luthra, S; Kumar, A
2022-09-01Modeling Conceptual Framework for Implementing Barriers of AI in Public Healthcare for Improving Operational Excellence: Experiences from Developing CountriesJoshi, S; Sharma, M; Das, RP; Rosak-Szyrocka, J; Żywiołek, J; Muduli, K; Prasad, M
2022-08Mesoderm-derived PDGFRA+ cells regulate the emergence of hematopoietic stem cells in the dorsal aorta.Chandrakanthan, V; Rorimpandey, P; Zanini, F; Chacon, D; Olivier, J; Joshi, S; Kang, YC; Knezevic, K; Huang, Y; Qiao, Q; Oliver, RA; Unnikrishnan, A; Carter, DR; Lee, B; Brownlee, C; Power, C; Brink, R; Mendez-Ferrer, S; Enikolopov, G; Walsh, W; Göttgens, B; Taoudi, S; Beck, D; Pimanda, JE
2022-05-24Analysing the impact of sustainable human resource management practices and industry 4.0 technologies adoption on employability skillsSharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
2022-01-21Assessing Effectiveness of Humanitarian Activities against COVID-19 Disruption: The Role of Blockchain enabled Digital Humanitarian Network (BT-DHN)Joshi, S
2022-01-01Different approaches of bibliometric analysis for data analytics applications in non-profit organisationsAlsolbi, I; Wu, M; Zhang, Y; Joshi, S; Sharma, M; Tafavogh, S; Sinha, A; Prasad, M
2022-01-01Developing a framework for enhancing survivability of sustainable supply chains during and post-COVID-19 pandemicSharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
2022-01-01Managing disruptions and risks amidst COVID-19 outbreaks: role of blockchain technology in developing resilient food supply chainsSharma, M; Joshi, S; Luthra, S; Kumar, A
2022-01-01Critical challenges of integrating OPEX strategies with I4.0 technologies in manufacturing SMEs: a few pieces of evidence from developing economiesJoshi, S; Sharma, M; Bartwal, S; Joshi, T; Prasad, M
2022-01-01Digital technologies (DT) adoption in agri-food supply chains amidst COVID-19: an approach towards food security concerns in developing countriesJoshi, S; Sharma, M
2022-01-01Digital supplier selection reinforcing supply chain quality management systems to enhance firm's performanceSharma, M; Joshi, S
2022-01Overcoming barriers to cross-sector collaboration in circular supply chain management: a multi-method approachLuthra, S; Sharma, M; Kumar, A; Joshi, S; Collins, E; Mangla, S
2021-12-26The Impact of Environment Dynamism on Low-Carbon Practices and Digital Supply Chain Networks to Enhance Sustainable Performance: An Empirical AnalysisJoshi, S
2021-11-16Explaining the Factors Influencing Consumer Perception, Adoption Readiness, and Perceived Usefulness toward Digital Transactions: Online Retailing Experience of Millennials in IndiaJoshi, S; Sharma, M; Bisht, P; Singh, S