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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Meta-Teams: Getting Global Work Done in MNEsSantistevan, D; Josserand, E
19-Nov-2018Delivering open innovation promises through social mediaBarlatier, PJ; Josserand, E
1-Jul-2018Delivering sustainability in supply networks: Achieving networked multi-stakeholder collaborationsJosserand, E; Kaine, S; Nikolova, N
1-Apr-2018Mind the gap: Grass roots ‘brokering’ to improve labour standards in global supply chainsKaine, SJ; Josserand, E
1-Jan-2018Management innovations from a foucauldian perspective: Time to take actionBardon, T; Josserand, E
2018Nepean Jobs for AllNikolova, N; Josserand, E; Bobyreff, N
1-Oct-2017Knowledge collaboration between organizations and online communities: the role of open innovation intermediariesRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J; Logue, D
8-Sep-2017How to stop businesses stealing from their employeesKaine, S; Josserand, E; Boersma, M
6-Jul-2017Routines of knowledge collaboration at the organization-community boundary: An exploratory study of community-based open innovationRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Logue, D
1-Mar-2017The paradoxical effects of legal intervention over unethical information technology use: A rational choice theory perspectiveCharki, MH; Josserand, E; Boukef, N
1-Jan-2017Balancing present needs and future options: how employees leverage social networks with clientsJosserand, E; Schmitt, A; Borzillo, S
1-Jan-2017Formal women-only networks: literature review and propositionsVillesèche, F; Josserand, E
5-Aug-2016Knowledge dynamics at the firm-user community boundary: a community of practice viewRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
1-Jul-2016Legitimation in practice: A new digital publishing business modelLaïfi, A; Josserand, E
1-Mar-2016The Transformative Power of Network Dynamics: A Research AgendaClegg, S; Josserand, E; Mehra, A; Pitsis, TS
2-Dec-2015Open innovation through firm-hosted user communities: A social practice perspective on firm-community relationshipRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
7-Aug-2015Open Innovation via Firm-Hosted User Communities: A Community of Practice PerspectiveRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J
1-Jan-2015Beyond nostalgia: Identity work in corporate alumni networksBardon, T; Josserand, E; Villesèche, F
1-Oct-2013Le potentiel stratégique des réseaux d'anciens: Une étude exploratoireBarlatier, PJ; Bénédic, M; Josserand, E; Villesèche, F
1-Jan-2013Communities of practice: From innovation in practice to the practice of innovationJosserand, E; Villesèche, F