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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Delivering sustainability in supply networks: Achieving networked multi-stakeholder collaborationsJosserand, EL; Kaine, S; Nikolova, N
1-Jul-2018Lean structure and social media: delivering open innovation promisesBarlatier, JP; Josserand, EL
2018Mind the gap: Grass roots 'brokering' to improve labour standards in global supply chainsKaine, S; Josserand, EL
20-Jun-2017Knowledge Collaboration between Organizations and Online Communities: The Role of Open Innovation IntermediariesRandhawa, K; Josserand, EL; Schweitzer, J; Logue, D
Mar-2017The paradoxical effects of legal intervention over unethical information technology use: A rational choice theory perspectiveCharki, MH; Josserand, EL; Boukef-Charki, N
2017Formal Women-Only Networks: Literature review and propositionsVillesèche, F; Josserand, EL
2017Balancing Present Needs and Future Options: How Employees Leverage Social Networks with ClientsJosserand, EL; Schmitt, A; Borzillo, S
9-Jul-2016Regulation and the dynamic adjustment of public-private governance: The case of Port Botany, SydneyJosserand, EL; Kaine, S
21-Jun-2016Exploiting Social Media potential to leverage innovation: a case studyBarlatier, PJ; Josserand, EL
2016The innovative power of network dynamicsJosserand, EL; Clegg, S; Pitsis, T; Mehra, A
2016Labour standards in global value chains: disentangling workers’ voice, vicarious voice, power relations, and regulationJosserand, EL; Kaine, SJ
2015Beyond Nostalgia: Identity work in corporate alumni networksBardon, T; Josserand, EL; Villeseche, F
2015The Past ConnectBardon, T; Josserand, EL; Villeseche, F
May-2014Networks as Media for Nostalgia in an organisational ContextBardon, T; Josserand, EL; Villesèche, F; Niemeyer, K
Jan-2013Strategically aligning a culture of ‘open innovation’ in organizationsRandhawa, K; Agarwal, R; Josserand, EL; Grimmer Martic
Jan-2013Le potentiel stratégique des réseaux d’anciens: Une étude exploratoireBarlatier, PJ; Bénédic, M; Josserand, EL; Villesèche, F
2013Call for PapersClegg, S; Josserand, EL; Mehra, A; Pitsis, T
6-Jun-2012Le potentiel stratégique des réseaux d’anciens : une étude exploratoireJosserand, EL; Villesèche, F; Bénédic, M; Barlatier, P
Jan-2012De l'identification du salarié au discours officiel à l'intention d'action : la mise en évidence de profils ambivalents combinant engagement et résistanceGagne, JF; Josserand, EL
Jan-2012Communities of practice: from innovation in practice to the practice of innovationJosserand, EL; Villeseche, F; Pitsis, T; Simpson, A; Dehlin, E