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2017Performance-based Design of Tall Building Envelopes using Competing Wind Load and Wind Flow CriteriaKhallaf, M; Jupp, JR
1-Dec-2016A PLM perspective of BIM research initiativesJupp, JR; Singh, V
17-Nov-20164D BIM for Environmental Planning and ManagementJupp, JR
22-Aug-2016Designing for Urban Microclimates: Towards Multidisciplinary Optimisation of Wind Flow for Architectural and Urban DesignKhallaf, M; Jupp, JR
10-Jul-2016Comparing PLM and BIM from the Product Structure StandpointBoton, C; Rivest, L; Forgues, D; Jupp, JR
2016Cross industry learning: a comparative study of product lifecycle management and building information modellingJupp, JR
8-Jul-2015Towards a Theory of BIM Implementation: Understanding Levels of Adoption and AssimilationJupp, JR
8-Jul-2015Key performance indicators for construction contractors in developing countries: a case study of JordanAlkilani, S; Jupp, JR; Kamardeen, I
8-Jul-2015BIM and the Value Dimension: A Commercial Property Development and Management PerspectiveWilkinson, S; Jupp, JR
8-Jul-2015Through-life Information Management For Commercial Property Practice: Benefits & Challenges of BIMJupp, JR; Wilkinson, S
Aug-2014Generative spatial performance design systemCoorey, BP; Jupp, JR
23-Jun-2014Evaluations of BIM: Frameworks and perspectivesNepal, M; Jupp, JR; Aibinu, A
Jan-2014Bringing 'Active Learning' Modules into Design Education: A Manifesto for a Socially Engaged ArchitectureAwad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR
Jan-2013Building Information Modelling in Tertiary Construction Project Management Education: A Programme-wide Implementation StrategyForsythe, PJ; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A
Jan-2013Volunteer Tourism and Architecture Students: What motivates and can best prepare them?Awad, R; Chambers, J; Jupp, JR
Jan-2013Developing Digital Literacy in Construction Management Education: A Design Thinking Led ApproachJupp, JR; Awad, R
Jan-2013BIM Investment: Understanding value, return and models of assessmentJupp, JR; Yiu, TW; Gonzalez, V
Jan-2013Green BIM and Green Star certification practices: Case studies in commercial high-rise office designGandhi, S; Jupp, JR; Yiu, TW; Gonzalez, V
Jan-2013Issues of construction health and safety in developing countries: a case of JordanZaid Alkilani, S; Jupp, JR; Sawhney, A
Jan-2013Characteristics of Green BIM: Process and information management requirementsGandhi, S; Jupp, JR; Bernard, A; Rivest, L; Dutta, D